Al Mustaqbal

Finally I submitted to Sana’s incessant demand to buy Al-Mustaqbal newspaper and read Fares Khashan.
Sana is a communist and an atheist who loves Nassrallah.
Khashan is a self–proclaimed authority on the matters of the Truth.
I followed him last year during his radio broadcast until he started repeating himself and I started getting queasy.
Back to Al-Mustaqbal (The Future), the newspaper has so many “quotation marks” in it that I thought it was raining.
And then there is this report that I read about how the sit-in is polluting the downtown with hazardous smoke from the protesters’ free–nargillahs when it should have been filled with the sweet aroma of the smoke from the expensive nargillahs offered by the restaurants and pubs.
And there is of course the international tribunal after every comma and every period and before an exclamation mark.
And there is an article about the 480000000000000 USD that Lebanon has lost because of the current “protests” (“attempted coup”).
But there was no Khashan. “Pity” that Khashan did not write in this issue.

I stand totally and unconditionally with the international tribunal that will prosecute the murderers of PM Hariri and all others up to and including Gemayyel. I also demand an international tribunal to indict Bush and Olmert and while we are at it Rice, Rumsfeld Chenny, Comatose Sharon et al

What about Elie Hobeika? Whatever happened to his case? He should have been a witness the case against Sharon before his murder. Why is his case not included in the investigations too?



  1. Funny you mention Al Mustaqbal and Sana in the same sentence, flip sides of the same coin.

  2. Lazarus · · Reply

    the newspaper has so many “quotation marks” in it that I thought it was raining.

    best metaphor i’ve come across in a while 🙂

  3. notorious · · Reply


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