Lebanon: Politics of Economy

The Lebanese blogosphere seems to be in a semi-lull this week. Nevertheless some bloggers reflected on topics such as the theory of evolution, the economical situation in Lebanon and the execution of Iraq’s ex-president.

Omar does not believe Darwin’s theory of evolution. He discusses natural selection, fossil records, hominid theory and his faith to explain the reasons why.

, at Blogging the Middle East, posts a photo of Jews celebrating Bar Mitzvah at Magen Abraham Synagogue in Beirut.

And check out Ibn Bint Jbeil’s attempt at a bi-lingual poem (English and Arabic).

Now away from science, photos and poetry and back to war, economics and politics.
A special eulogy dedicated to the ex-president of Iraq titled “Saddam Died Beautiful” is posted at The Middle East Memo.

The Lebanese government is preparing for a conference in Paris, called Paris III, with the goal of getting financial aid for Lebanon. Remarkz is among the blogs posting about this topic.

Marxist From Lebanon also discusses the Paris III conference, criticizing both the government and the opposition for their positions towards such conferences and the financial and political obligations attached: . . . .

Read the rest here…


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