State of Affairs

Poor to non-existent connection at home.

Barred from connecting to blogger at work.

Too lazy (depressed anus) to go to an internet cafe.



  1. notorious · · Reply

    basita abo el muss, we feel u man, take care, keep it up

  2. tislam notorious, thanks

  3. the rambler · · Reply

    Moussa, sounds to me like a case of this infectious Lebanon-fatigue going around. Just don’t go disappearing altogether like the other bloggers who should have remained (Jij, Lazarus, and others)!

  4. I’ll try hard not to do that. Jij and Laz will be missed. unless they return in an evolved form..

  5. notorious · · Reply

    eh abo el muss, souwar w osas w 7keyet, 2iyemoooo, ana bfarjik 3and el madame:P take care man

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