Identity Revealed (updated)

First, there was the “I love life” campaign, which I thought was a promotion for the New Year’s eve celebration at Biel (silly me).

Then came the “I love life with dignity” campaign with graffiti-like alterations of the above mentioned campaign (aha, now I got it, slow me).
The first is a pro-government campaign meant as a sequel to the “Independence05” slogan. And the second is the opposition’s rebuttal (right?)

And then (for now at least), comes the “I love capitalism campaign” correcting the identity of the first pro-government (pro-KSA pro-West) “I love lifers” and their campaign.

Nevertheless, always the more…


Oh yeh, and there is this mini-campaign (now on blogs, not yet on billboards near you): “tell me what you love and i’ll tell you who you are” that Hassan kindly reminded me of.
It is a production by Mazen Kerbaj. He calls on the lebanese to print and forward it but tells the international reader: “do not try to understand” it.



  1. yeh hassan, you’re right, I forgot mazen’s artpiece.

  2. Yeah, maybe the international reader really won’t understand that…
    I liked the creative way they use in the campaign.
    Personally, I find that drawings, paintings and photos always have greater impact than just plain text. I even have some of my own drawings in my blog.


  3. Liliane · · Reply

    I know I took part in it for fun! I heart Blogs.


  4. Anonymous · · Reply

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