Lebanon: Terrorist Attack and Hariri’s Commemoration

This week’s roundup for Global Voices Online:

Two years ago, on February 14, a massive terrorist explosion targeting Rafic Hariri took away his life and the lives of many others. Fast forward, two years and many dramatic incidents later, the Lebanese marked the event with a mass rally in Martyr’s Square. A day before the memorial, a tragic terrorist explosion targeted innocent civilians as two buses exploded in the village of Ain Alaq, near Bikfaya, in Mount Lebanon. Bloggers discussed these two events with posts and photos. The following are a sample of the Lebanese blogosphere’s take on the subjects:

On the Ain Alaq terrorist attack:

Pierre Tristam comments on the explosions and reminisces about his childhood experiences in this part of Lebanon:

How pitiful it all seems. How disarming of any hope for good will. How shattering of those petty old memories—the resort on the hill, the imaginary occupants and their colors within—that had managed all these years to live on unscathed. I don’t believe in the whole psychology of repressed memories. I do believe in the vengefulness of memories, once they decide, as they so often do, to seize on a contemporary event’s violence and absurdity, and recast one’s personal history accordingly.

Angry Anarchist questions how some leaders are capable of predicting these terrorist acts and asks for investigations and trials for the atrocities committed during the civil war:

What I cannot believe is not that there was a bombing — we all knew it was coming, our very own Nostradamus, Samir Geagea, “predicted” it. What I cannot believe is how some people find it in themselves to translate such a horrible act…
Speaking of the investigation and tribunal, why not investigate the systematic murder of 150,000 people (that includes Palestinians, in case some people forgot the Palestinians were people) in 15 years? Maybe that will settle once and for all the Martians vs. Lebanese issue. Oh I see, the ones calling for the international tribunal for the Hariri assassination were the same ones who carried out those massacres and killings. Oh wait, sorry, I take that back. It was the Martians.

Mustapha sees that the bombing was directed at the February 14 rally:

Regardless of who committed today’s atrocities, it is directed at tomorrow’s Christian crowd.

Hillz writes (Ar) about where he was and the reaction of those around him to the murder of R. Hariri two years ago. He goes on to reflect on how politics and the objectives of some political parties evolved, during the past two years. His depiction of what used to be and what it is now forms a surrealistic image of the country and its slogans.

Read the rest here…

On Hariri’s commemoration rally:

Skylark has a translation of the controversial parts of the speeches of Jumblat and Geagea during the rally. Skylark also suggests why there was no significant incident during the rally:

Despite the twin blasts on Tuesday morning and weeks of exacerbated tensions, no significant accidents were reported during or immediately after the rally. This was partly due to the repeated requests of many political and sectarian leaders to their supporters to restrain from acts of violence and partly to the twin barbed-wire fence interposed between the sector of square where the manifestation was staged and the sector of square where the opposition is still staging its sleep-in tent camp.

Liliane post photos and a link to a photo album of images from February 14 rally.

Read the rest here…


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  1. Through Grace Peace · · Reply

    تبرىء الكلمات في القلوبثم همس الرب في قلوبنا…الكلمات تصل حيث لا يقدر السلاحسألنا حكيم قريتنا، كيف ينزل الدفءعلى النفوس والشيطانقد ألقى بسمومه المفضلةخوفاً ويأساً وكراهيةعلى القلوب البريئةكما الرماد من محرقة السعادةكيف تنام عيون الايمانوسرير الأملتفترشه ملاءة القنوط الشاحبوعيون الحنث الفاسدةتنتهك حرمة الكلمات المقدسةوتسعد باغتيال هدايا السماءوسألنا :كيف يبتسم الخيرويصفع الكره الفضيلة من وجه الخجلو أتباعه يشوهون ويحرفون فى نفوس ضحاياهمحتى يصل الاعتقادبأن الإثم فضيلة والقتل عدالة والكره هو الحبتحدث الحكيمبصوته الخفيض وقالأن للشيطان أتباعيغتسلون في أنهار النبيذ في حادي*وبعشق السخرية الفارغيحصدون نفوساً مغشوشة جنيت بمنجل الانتحارمستحيل أن يكون الطريق إلى الفردوس مرصوفاًبجثث الأبرياء – عبر نهرٍ من الدماعتنقوا مد الحق وجزره الرائع في قلوبكم تقبّلوا الشك والعار أينما كانوالكي تدركوا أن النفس تسعد بالعطف وليس بالانتقامسطع صوته كالضوء وقال:ابحثوا بشجاعة في أعماق قلوبكمبلا نفاق ولا خداع ولا إجحافوحين تلمسوا الايمان هناكستنزل الكلمات الالهيه دواءً للقلوبمثل مطر أبدي يجذبه البحر دائماًحتى يرتفع ليملأ حرم النفوسبودٍ عميق هادىء ويغدو سلاماًعلى شواطىء العزم الالهي.[أرض الموتى في الأساطير الاغريقية*أبريل 2006

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