Sucked into a Black Hole

No wonder the Middle East is in deep shit.


  1. hahahahaha..that was nice…and true 😀

  2. Um, Urshalim, with all due respect, I think it’s pretty tasteless and more to the point, it doesn’t make a clear political joke. So you superimpose a map of the Middle East on a butt, then you make jokes that refer to the anus and shit. I’ve posted pictures of “breasts not bombs” on my blog so it’s not that I object to nudity. I just think the image isn’t funny but is tacky and not up to your standard. Perhaps I’m missing a joke here. Fill me in and I’ll take back the above comments.Again – said with all due respect, and I am not “offended.” Just think it’s not funny enough to warrant posting.

  3. Leila,Thanks for the vote of confidence[<>not up to your standard.<>.You’re right, this was not meant as a joke but rather as what we describe in Lebanon as “al muddhik al mubkki” [this is why nights laughed]. I did not create this image, it was sent to me by mail many months ago. It was inappropriate then. But today it seems to reflect the general mood around me. With talks about plans for a second war against Lebanon from Israel or against Iran by US, fought by proxy in Lebanon, with the stalemate in the political front and with fears of a sectarian un-civil war which may have already started for all we know hearing how Lebanese are leaving their homes and migrating, in Lebanon and in Beirut, to other quarters creating sectarian homogeneity, with incidents of sectarian nature erupting almost daily, with the prices of commodities increasing by 100% (not exaggerating) and paychecks decreasing to a point where my nephew was offered ONE USD for seven hours of work etc etc, all I could think of is we are in deep shit. What do I do with my family, my kids… We seem to be falling into a bottomless pit. I was just describing the mood around me and maybe if you were in Lebanon and had a dose of “normal everyday” conversations going on around in Beirut, you will get what I mean.Leila,You don’t have to take any word you said back. I totally agree. But the situation here is tasteless, as I type these I can here war planes (Israeli) flying over Beirut, while Lebanese political leaders spend time bickering over God knows what.I just want to maintain some humor (black maybe) in this shit hole in order to be able to maybe survive.I hope the legend of the phoenix is true.

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Bashir, Your comments are depressing. My cousin doesn’t want to leave Lebanon, and I have been put in a position to live in Lebanon. He won’t immigrate to another country.I read your blog, and I tell myself who am I trying to fool, that I go and live in an unstable country?I have never experienced war, I don’t know the feeling about being unsecure, how will my mental state handle Lebnan if I decide to live there?I don’t know what the future entails for Lebnan, but Bashir would you stay in Lebnan no matter what happens, or will their be a determining factor of when you will pack up your bags and leave?Thank you,Laayla

  5. Moussa,My first reaction to the cartoon was negative, like leila’s. On second thoughts, I feel that the image describes exactly the situation. I would add that those who are in charge, being our leaders or the leaders of the ‘free world’ don’t give a sh…I am too depressed about the situation in Lebanon that I am not able to write on it. This was the time also when our neighbor in Lebanon where we still keep a house and some land decided to cut through a piece of land next to our house and in the middle of the almonds and citrus gardens surrounding the house in order to build a three meters and a half road leading to his house without asking…Of course he can, he is LF…

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    bashir,this is the first time in awhile that i have seen something that you posted that i agree with, but not only in lebanon, but in the arab world as a whole, and i would dare say that lebanon is not as bad off as other arab countries as far as internal termoil is concerned. but thanks for the chuckle. i, for one, do appreciate the picture and what it implies, if only not for a moment. buckeye

  7. Laayla:I witnessed the first two years of the civil year (as a boy) before my father decided to take us away. But I returned between 79 and 81 and insisted on returning the year 1986 to study at a university here. I don’t know what it is but I like being in Lebanon. I managed to cope. I managed to survive the Israeli attacks of 93, 96 and 2006. The 2006 Israeli war was the toughest, maybe I have grown older, or maybe we now have two babies to care for. Will I pack and leave someday? I don’t know. This is not in my near future plans. I have too many roots and branches in Lebanon, the decision will be difficult, but then, in the past it was only I who had to make this decision, and I decided to stay. But today the decision making is shared with my wife. So far she is staying. How does one keep sanity in an unstable country? I guess it is the human resilience, coping, adaptation, getting used to or maybe we are simply not sane and we think we are who is to say? 🙂 Anyway, if M. Hayek’s predictions are true, then pretty soon, after all this turmoil, Lebanon will witness peace and prosperity.Sophia:Leaders? What leaders? You know them well. As for the LF, it is back and with a vengence and a “saint”. Pity.Buckeye:Glad to hear from you. 🙂

  8. notorious · · Reply

    nice 1;)

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