Lebanon: Anxiety and Cautious Optimism

Most of the posts in the Lebanese blogosphere reflect the atmosphere of anxiety, pessimism and mistrust that is the general mood of the Lebanese nowadays. Here is a summary of some of the posts. An attempt has been made to include one or two light posts with brighter outlooks, but they did not drown the overall disposition mentioned above. Anyway, here we go:

Let’s begin by mentioning Lebanon’s loss of Joseph Samaha, a very prominent columnist and political analyst, last week. Many bloggers posted about the man and his works. Jamal Ghosn wrote a post about Samaha which he began with:

Life Goes On, but it must not go on dumber, less informed, mentally poorer. We were privileged to have our collective minds enriched on a daily basis by a ten minute read each morning that encapsuled decades of knowledge, a philosophical library, and a strategic eye that saw beyond all horizons. No single pen can replace these lines. We, each of us, must make up a little of this loss on our own.

It may be difficult to imagine that the Lebanese could be in the mood for love songs after hearing the news coming out of Lebanon, but that is not the case according to this post at A Diamond’s Eye View of the World, whose observation may lead us to imagine Beirut as a city enveloped in a cloud of music:

Lebanon is musical in the sense that wherever one goes, one hears music – in cars driving past, restaurants, and wafting down from apartments. My favorite musical moments come in the early mornings, as I pass soldiers stationed at various points around the city. They play music on their mobile phones – the latest Arabic love songs and the latest US hip-hop tracks. Each man I walk by is enveloped by his own little cloud of song. Men break into song here – phrases of old ballads, choruses of old love songs – when women walk past on the street. Much, much, much nicer than any catcall, or even than such memorable New York phrases as “God bless you and the mother who bore you”.

Moving on to politics, Sophia sees that the New US Foreign Policy ‘Turn’ to stabilize Iraq, by convening a conference, is taking its closest allies in the ME by surprise. After a lengthy analysis of the subject, she states that: …

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  1. notorious · · Reply

    bachir check this out, houssein el hajj hassan’s teenage son had a fight friday night near ben adnan on haddi nasrallah st. (7ay mikdad) he got stabed twice, then he called in some backup (hizballah) wer shots wer fired and 1 of the mikdad’s was hit, the mikdad’s want the person who shot, hajj hassan is tryin 2 calm things down, altho his son was stabed… to be continue … welcome to el dahye el abiyi

  2. Bashir · · Reply

    notorious, thanks for sharing.that is some bad news ya man.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    moussa,i love the lighter notes that you included. especially a diamond in the sky’s post. akkkkh…reminds me of the good old days. at least people still have their sense of humor. only the lebanese. peace.buckeye

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    moussa,i looked for the story on the internet about hussein hajj hassan’s son (the above post) and could not find anything. if notorious has a link or anybody, would be interested in reading it. thanksbuckeye

  5. Bashir · · Reply

    buckeye,this incident did not make it to the news, it is a first hand hand account from notorious who has access to the area. most probably it was just brushed away as a quarrel among teens. many such incidents around Lebanon go unreported daily, sometimes on purpose other times overlooked or ignored.

  6. notorious · · Reply

    the place wer this incident hapen is a 100% police free area, security there is taken care of by hizballah members (indibat), the person who was shot at, is a close freind of mine, he’s in bahman hospital… wer it wasnt reported either, (bahman is a hizbalah funded hospital), incidents like this (internal shi3i incidents), are well wraped up n rarly come out due alot of reasons, besides shit like that cant be solved or controled by no1 but hizballah’s and mokdad sheikh’s, that the way it goes, any1 from the outside wana stick his nose into it, it would b like pourin oil on fire, btw.. the boys house n room is always full, apologies, cakes, baklawa, coockies, flowers (courtesy of hizbala) hospital bills all taken care of, n look, el shabeb li min el 7ezeb li hajamo ma3 ebno la haj hassan, kilon n7abaso (mish bel dawli, majlis ta2dibi lal 7ezeb) no matter who ur with, u gota give em 1 thing, they r WELL organised, and ma byeklo 7a2 7adan (btw bachir, sat night i was sittin wid ziad ra7bani on the same table, i told him that i had a physics teacher who reminds me of u, he said tell his punk ass to try harder and dun allow him to come up with that i aint tryin shit :P:P:P)

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