No One Here Gets Out Alive

Americans’ refusal to look in the mirror presages our [their] own demise

by Daniel Patrick Welch

Synopsis: US writer Daniel Patrick Welch argues that it is not just the neocon crazies in Washington, but ingrained aspects of US culture and politcs, most of all Americans’ unshakable belief in [their] own nobility, that drives [them] toward the newest chapter in global war.

I often have the dubious pleasure of listening to smug liberals whining about their “discomfort” with what they refer to as “Arab culture.” There is an amazing phenomenon among Americans, so convinced of our own superiority, that we can be simultaneously ignorant about the world we dominate and yet utterly uninterested in our own history, culture, and society. The shit is about to hit the fan, folks–no more free passes for liberals and so-called “progressives” who prefer either to criticize foreign cultures or confine their domestic ire to the cabal in the White House.

Notwithstanding the innumerable war crimes committed by the neocon thugs, their little enterprise would have come to nothing without the full complicity, not to mention head start, of their “friends across the aisle,” the other half of the American War Party. Nor would this glorious and historic moment in US history have been possible without decades of training, of culling the working class into the “volunteer” armed forces, militarizing every nook and cranny of society from children’s fashion and toys to the Pentagon-enhanced budgets of all our major universities. Stroll through the “boys” aisle of any local toy store, strewn with plastic tanks and bombers, complete with removable missiles. Pick up a pink camouflage shirt, headband, bookbag, or any of the other items that serve to instill in our children the notion that our ubiquitous warriors are cool and fashionable. We are a culture on the warpath, though culture is a term to be used loosely.

Long despised around the globe for our lack of culture, it is perhaps unremarkable that we facilitated the looting of some of the most ancient cultural treasures in human civilization in Iraq, or aided and abetted the disintegration by air war of another ancient Mediterranean culture in Lebanon. Through it all, liberals will tsk
and cluck about how Arabs treat their women, prevented, perhaps, by their “discomfort” from stopping the impending holocaust against Iran. Dithering seems to be a favorite distraction for the US middle class (don’t say bourgeoisie or you’re a communist), who hold the wealth and power necessary to force change in US policy. “Usted no es nada”, Victor Jara once chided the Chilean middle class. “No es chicha ni limonada.” At the cusp of history, they could have acted to
prevent Pinochet’s murderous reign. But they were too comfortable, too scared, too dithering.

The Arabs about whom we are talking are actually Persian, but such distinctions mean little when they are about other people. How many Muslim women have been murdered by US and Israeli bombs and bullets? How many women and their children starved and kept in murderous poverty by US-backed policies at the World Bank and the IMF? No matter: Americans are as blind to these numbers as we are to the dearth and death of culture all around us. Our national gluttony is
ruinous to our own lives, to our natural resources, and even to the planet itself. We condone and try to thrive in a culture that has raised blaming the victim to a sophisticated social science, from those who managed to escape our founding genocide to the vestiges of our imported slave population. US treatment of immigrants, of workers, of minorities, of children, is by regular measure among the worst in the “civilized” world we like to crow about representing.

And when the uranium dust from bombs over Iran wafts across south Asia, will liberals bemoan the preventable deaths of Muslim women, Hindu women, and their children, whose air, water and bodies will be poisoned for a century? This war is already started: any idiot can see it in the press frenzy now being forced down American throats. But we are experts in looking for blame elsewhere. Congressional “leaders’ pontificate about Iraq, four years behind the curve: the war on Iran started when staged footage of Saddam’s falling statue capped the war porn coverage of Iraq’s “liberation” by an embedded press.

In fact, war porn is about all that is on the menu in a culture where news outlets paste in identical photos of “suspected nuclear facilities” in Iran and North Korea. What difference does it make, when what passes for journalism is almost exclusively filler to take up the space between the ads.

And war pimps from both “sides of the aisle” are happy to oblige, mouthing empty rhetoric that matches the press in its fury to say nothing quickly. When the ruling party can’t manage to get a debate on a nonbinding resolution, it’s because they aren’t trying–and worse, they don’t want to. But try they had better: the BBC recently
ran a story predicting that members of the US Congress, should the Americans actually go ahead and attack Iran, would be subject to arrest and detention should they venture into Western European capitals.



  1. Sophia · · Reply

    Moussa,You unearthed a gem. The guy has a point and I was struggling with American liberals through blogs and comments on some points including women’s rights in Islam and MUslim bashing which they found O.K. because it is supposedly freedom of expression. If you have time, read my post ‘Hirsi Ali: Cause célèbre’ it is in my permanent links under ‘Selection of articles on this blog’ and read the comment section.The author here has definitely a good point and you can find lierals in America cheering for Hirsii Ali who is the new recruit of the American Enterprise Institute, the most neoconish of think tanks…Thank you for finding this text, I ma going to link to it.I should mention thought that there are few great Americans (liberals or not) and one of them is my blogger friend Elizabeth (in my blogroll).

  2. Bashir · · Reply

    Sophia,actually it was Daniel who found me. he emailed me his article with a kind permission to publish and I did.I am going to your site right now to read ‘Hirsi Ali’ and to visit Elizabeth Take care

  3. Sophia · · Reply

    Moussa,I have linked to this post. Further reflections: Yes there is arrogance from US liberals toward people they don’t understand and there is intellectual inhibition, not to say laziness, because they don’t want to understad other people. And there is amnesia, moral amnesia, they don’t like history. Most US citizens and even their most enlightened liberals are at odds with their own history while the people of the middle east are on the other side of the intellectual spectrum, their history cannot be differentiated from their identity and the way they view themselves.The US is a country divorced from its history and this is why it can forget, go to war again, and destructs other people’s history, identity and lives. Arrogance drives Israel, arrogance drives the US and arrogance drives every colonialist killing enterprise, not empathy. Because once you have succeeded in dehumanising the other, the killing enterprise becomes easy and liberals’ fault is to contribute to the US colnial wars in the ME by dehumanising the potential victims long before the war starts. This way they don’t feel sorry. Do you feel sorry when you accidentally crush an insect ?

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