What’s With Walid Jumblat

Jij wrote this interesting analysis “On Walid Jumblat“:

Jumblat has bluntly asked for American political and military assistance in ridding Lebanon of what he calls “indirect Syrian occupation” (i.e. Hezbollah, the biggest and most popular party in Lebanon). He also urged the American government to move on with “regime change” in Syria.

Even by the extremely low standards of vulgar Lebanese politics, Jumblat’s speeches and declarations have an incredibly obscene and shameless quality. From casually asking a foreign power to strike his own country and assist in instigating a civil war, to his surreal “kalila and doumna”-inspired tirade on February 14th, to his earlier “invasion of the majouss” sound bites, Jumblat has consistently sustained a highly inflammatory and irresponsible discourse over the last two years. Whenever there is a need in the March 14th camp to endorse and propagate the most extremist and uncompromising message, Jumblat is ready to deliver.

Another Jumblat trademark is the notorious instability of his positions. From vehemently defending the resistance’s weapons to labeling Hezbollah as a Farsi militia, from standing behind the Bashar Assad regime to drawing descriptions of him from the animal kingdom, from publicly insulting Paul Wolfowitz to praising the American occupation of Iraq as a model that must be propagated throughout the region, Jumblat has created an unintentional parody of the inveterate spineless politician. It is difficult to find a single issue over which he has not adopted two completely antagonistic views. It is commonplace for him to reverse his opinion more than once within a few days, or within a single day, or sometimes even in the course of the same press conference.
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  1. notorious · · Reply

    leik if u look closly, u could c the resemblance, he looks exactly like a chimp

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