Lebanon: Pains and the Arab Summit

This week is about posts expressing pain; pain due to sexual harassment; insecurity and the consequences of war; and because of the political uncertainty that the Arab Summit did little to alleviate. There is also a book review and a computer graphic tutorial.

Poetry and Painting:

“The window is the wound of the wall. The door is a closed mirror. You know, bricks also feel pain.” These brilliant metaphors written by Suzanne Alaywan are graphic in their own right nevertheless she incorporated them in one of her paintings.

Sexual Harassment:

The ugly and shameful act of sexual harassment that women and girls could sometimes be subjected to is the topic of this post by Sham. The personal nature of the experiences mentioned add to its already acknowledged significance:

Did you know that I get ready to sexual harassment as i shot the door?
Did you know that I’ve seen naked guys on my way to school?
Did you know when was the last time I saw guy masturbating in front me as I am taking a taxi? Last month
Did you know that I never shut up to sexual harassments?
Did you know that I am blamed for not shutting up?
Did you know that guys harass western girls because they think that White is superior?
Did you know that guys harass Syrian girls because they think Syrian girls are inferior?
Did you know that I am not a feminist?
Did you know that I am not normal?
Did you know that I used to be normal?
Did you know that you (men) have no idea what I am talking about?

Hebrew-Lover Date Pain

Is this dashing Lebanese man trying to make an impression on his American date or is he really interested in learning Hebrew? Adiamondinsunlight reveals this part of a conversation she had with her date in which he expresses his love for the Hebrew language: …

The rest of the review is here…


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  1. Sophia · · Reply

    Moussa,Hi. I received a mail from jewish Voice for peace and Just Foreign Policy to sign a petition in support of bill s.594 restricting the selling and the use of cluster bombs. Although I would have preferred a total ban, I signed the petition and I am asking you if you are interested in signing < HREF="http://www.democracyinaction.org/dia/organizationsORG/justforeignpolicy.org/petition.jsp?petition_KEY=489" REL="nofollow">the petition and/or spreading the word<>.

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