Inappropriate Outfits for British Citizens?

Prof Walid Phares, after describing the British naval officers captured by Iran as POWs, said that the female prisoner was singled out and her individual rights abused by being forced to wear a black headscarf and other outfits not appropriate with her status as a British citizen. (sic)

Need I say more?!

Update: The 15 British naval personnel captured in the Gulf will be freed.
I guess this will simply pop all of Prof Phares’ soap bubble scenarios of what is about to happen.



  1. Sophia · · Reply

    I want to know if Walid Phares has written about the US treatment of Muslims in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Read also my fellow british blogger, < HREF="" REL="nofollow">The Osterley Times post on this<>. It is excellent.

  2. apokraphyte · · Reply

    I met Walid last year in DC. He was not able to answer even relatively straightforward questions about Lebanon, yet bragged about drafting 1559 himself. What you’d expect and worse. A real bottom-feeder.

  3. By the way, this whole clothing of sailors is a very interesting aspect of not-so-obvious conflict taking place at the symbolic level supposed to claim victories on meaning and ways to understand the strength of a party through an imposition of his own conceptualization of reality. the Iranians have shown that they were masters in doing just that. I’ll write about that later on remarkz.

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