Lebanon: Random Posts During the Holidays*

Lebanon has been on a holiday the past week. Three holidays coincided together. This year happens to be one of those rare years when the liturgical calendars of the Orthodox Christians and Catholic Christians coincide. For that reason, all Lebanese Christian communities celebrated Easter together. Last week also witnessed the birthday of Prophet Mohammed. All Lebanese Moslem communities celebrated it. This may be the reason why Lebanese bloggers, in general, seem to be on a break. Nevertheless, the following are some selections of the past week’s posts. Happy festivities to all.

Let us start with some cartoons. Both the supporters of the government and the opposition have used the “I Love Life” campaign. In this cartoon, Amal simply asked the “I love lifer” to go “get a life”. Shirin also uses this cartoon to express her opinion about the political forces and external interferences that she believes are having an influence in Lebanon.

The Jews of Lebanon blog is taking up the call by the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar which is asking any interested Lebanese Jew, whether in Lebanon or abroad, to speak about their experiences in Lebanon and their lives.

Read the rest here…

(*This was last week’s roundup)


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