the opposition to Olmert, had victory been achieved…

…the opposition to Olmert and Peretz is not because they went to war instead of choosing the diplomatic track, nor because they killed too many civilians, but solely because they failed to achieve victory. Had victory been achievable, and achieved, would anyone have cared about the price in civilian lives that the “enemy” had to pay, or for that matter, expressed anti-war sentiment…

Angry Anarchist



  1. Blacksmith Jade · · Reply

    Hey Bashir, I tagged u in this < HREF="" REL="nofollow">post<>, feel free to accept or refuse, no hard feelings!

  2. notorious · · Reply

    who gives a fuck about lebanee civilians bachir? over there if some one has a nervous breakdown becouse of their war on us is considered wounded w bit2um el dini w ma bti23od, but lebanese civilians????? el dini killa btirkab 3a daherna w ma btis2al, israelies siryan’s everyone, wer fucked in each and every direction

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