Does what happen in the Facebook stay in the Facebook?

The author of this flash presentation contends that Facebook intentionally places its users in a position where their private information can be used to generate revenues by companies, gather intelligence by government agencies etc. The presentation asserts that the users can do nothing about this since they have given Facebook the permission to do that just by accepting their terms of service.
Watch this presentation and share your opinion [on Facebook].



  1. Mustapha · · Reply

    Is it a coincidence that we both wrote about Facebook at the same time 🙂 ?Also, advertising on facebook makes commercial sense. For example, Instead of me placing ads on expensive websites like Naharnet, all i need to do is post a Flyer on the AUB and LAU networks to promote my blog. Would I be in that case compromising the privacy of people who disclosed that they’re AUB or LAU students?

  2. Laayla · · Reply

    Hey Moussa,How are you? Insh’Allah you and your family are fine and in good health. Do you know how many invitations I got to join myspace and facebook? I refuse to jump on the bandwagon and have a page of my own. I don’t need 6,000 friends or adds. I can careless of being popular or not, there is more important things to do in life then to see who left a message on my wall and lol left and right to every message.I enjoy reading your site. I hope all is well in Lebnan. Who knows maybe by next year I will move to lebnan.Good night!Laayla

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