Strategic Planning and Political Common Sense

Some side effects of the systematic diluting, over the past years, of the political common sense, of the already delusional Lebanese, are the conviction that what is currently happening (and what has happened) is just a projection of the bickering between the regressive Syrian regime and (their ex–allies) the life–loving–progressive–cedar–revolutionaries.
And that any talk of involvement of inter–continental–corporations can be swept away as another conspiracy theory conceived by sick minds.
And as if the US has no plans or strategies which it is trying to implement in the Middle East.
And that there is not even a thin string of link between the Palestinian issue and (the high and mighty) Lebanon.
And that only romantic nationalists and leftist day dreamers (leftovers) still hold these wacky thoughts.
And that the heat of the roaring flames in Iraq is completely isolated and has no way of even tickling our sexy flat six-packs or deflating our beer bloated bellies.
And that Iran… and that Israel… and that Saudi Arabia… and…

  • President Bush warned Americans to expect “heavy fighting” this summer during a critical time in his war strategy. “We can expect more American and Iraqi casualties,” Bush said. “We must provide our troops with the funds and resources they need to prevail.”
  • A senior U.S. officials told CNN that as many as six U.S. military cargo flights carrying ammunition are scheduled to land in Lebanon over the next two days to resupply Lebanese forces fighting Islamic militants near the northern city of Tripoli. The Western-backed government of Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora urgently requested the ammunition … the officials said.
  • Minister of Youth and Sports Ahmad Fatfat (still acting as acting minister of interior even though the interior minister went back on his resignation) responded to a question about the high civilian casualties expected in the Nahr al Barid assault by saying: “you can’t make omlet without breaking eggs“.
  • The same Minister of Youth and Sports (who was acting minister of interior then) ordered the security officers and the military apparatus in the Marjiyoun barracks not to confront the Israeli invasion army, during the July war, because it would have caused a lot of casualties.
  • This bulleted string must stop otherwise the digression will continue indefinitely…


  1. Mustapha · · Reply

    It’s funny how many people misunderstand the relationship March 14 have with America. Many assume that we’re simply unaware of American plans in the region. And that we are somehow under some sort of ‘romantic nationalist’ illusion..Cutting through the crap, Moussa. March 14 is NOT ashamed of its relationship with the US. We put our pictures with condoleeza rice on our newspapers’ cover pages. Our ministers ask publicly on CNN for American weapons, Jumblat smiles with Dick Chenney, Sanioura uses the language of George Bush and we proudly pose for the camera with Welch.America may not be the best force in the world, but a pragmatic decision to have it as our ally has been pushed on us by the aggressive nature of a regime who wants to physically liquidate every single one of us.March 8 are proud of their links with the Terrorist regime in Syria and the Hegemonic regime in Iran. Likewise, March 14 are also proud of their relationship with ‘Imperialist’ America. The cards are open, and we’re not ashamed.

  2. Mustapha,No need to be ashamed. That would be stupid. Just don’t do the very thing you have criticized.Take care.M.

  3. M Bashir · · Reply

    Mustapha,Rafic Hariri often counseled: “In Lebanon, believe nothing of what you are told and only half of what you see!” You made my point. M14 leaders, after allying themselves with the repressive Syrian regime and taking the country hostage of their sectarian and feudal whims, are now allies with the pragmatic US administration that is on a killing rampage in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, etc, convinced and content with the over simplified outlook that simpleton Bush with his mentor Dick and their friends in the inter–continental–corporations will help them attain a democratic futuristic country, after liquidating anyone who begs to differ. What about the Lebanese? Their political common sense is damaged to a point where they are swayed, violently jerked, left and right, here and there, around the clock depending on the mood of the enlightened leaders. What about followers of the other days of M? The same. One country, one people, one disease, one shit. Peace.

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