Digitizing Eco-Tourism in Lebanon

Lebanon’s rural eco-tourism sites represent a great tourism attraction for international tourists visiting Lebanon as well as for the Lebanese themselves.

Although a relatively small country, Lebanon is naturally blessed with many eco-tourism sites of great diversity.
The first Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) navigation guide to tourism and eco-tourism sites in Lebanon was launched this month at the Ministry of Tourism. The PDA Navigation Guide fully utilizes the power of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to increase the competitiveness of rural tourism by encouraging tourists discover landmarks and natural beauty hidden in rural and remote areas. The PDA Guide to tourism provides hand held digitized maps of Lebanon with directions and guidance to over 11,000 Points of Interests across Lebanon.
Now this news may seem strange or even surreal given the current state of affairs in the country but nevertheless it was done with the hope that things will eventually get better. So if you are a Lebanese and believe in the power of prayers, well you know what to do, and God bless.

More on the topic can be found here and here.


  1. Coool. I’m sure most tourists (whatever that is, we almost forgot this word here) usually travel to Lebanon with their GPS-enabled PDAs ready to receive their free copy of this software and change their plans for the fun of using technology on their own, up there on the mountains which, for the most part, are definitely NOT safe to roam around. But hey, we Lebanese love to dream and go on and on about this country and hopes of a better tomorrow bla bla bla bla

  2. M Bashir · · Reply

    phil, you know i agree with what you said…

  3. Yes. It’s just that I had to spit it out somewhere. 😀

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Where i can download it in my PDA?-Lebanon tourist-

  5. M Bashir · · Reply

    hi -Lebanon tourist-you can use the links at the end of the article above. they will take to to where you can find contacts who are in a better position to help you. especially the first link. hope this answer helps 🙂

  6. Omar Cruz · · Reply

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