Six year old Ali killed by a left-over cluster bomblet

When Ali Daqdouq returned home after school, in his Southern village of Sultaniyyeh, he was so excited about the adventures of his first day of school this year that he could barely catch his breath while telling his mother about them. He threw his old school bag aside and took off his used school uniform. He had his lunch and went to his neighbor and friend, Amal, to play videogames, just as he used to do in the afternoons of the summer break.

Little did the six-year-old Ali know that this would be his first and last day of school. Little did he know that he would not make it to the date with Amal.

One of the couple of millions unexploded cluster bomblets (the ones Bush and Rice supplied to Israel and the IDF in turn salted the South with during summer 2006) took Ali’s life. Ali wasn’t the first casualty of leftover bomblets in Sultaniyyeh. Less than a year ago, young Hussein Daqdouq died because another unexploded bomblet decided to go off. The lives and livelihoods of more than a couple of hundreds has been taken away by these cluster bomblets since the war “ended”.

The area around Ali’s home was checked and cleared by organizations ridding the South of the unexploded ordnance. The area was declared safe after two bombs were found and secured. It turned out that they missed at least a third.

Yesterday the village of Sultaniyyeh buried the six-year-old Ali. His father Hussein is speechless, his two sisters Sarah and Zeinab cry and pray for his soul. The village of Sultaniyyeh is mourning.

Did Saad tell Bush and Rice about Ali when they met today?



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    “Did Saad tell Bush and Rice about Ali when they met today?” I see!By the way…Did Hassan Nassrallah tell his masters Assad and Ahmadinejad about what HE DID to ALI?Did he remind them that it was HE who caused the WAR by attacking, killing and kidnapping israeli soldiers! That it was HE who gave israel the pretext to use these weapons that are killing our children and which have killed ALI!?!That it is HE who is delaying a full deployment of UN deminers because he is safeguarding his “stocks” of ammo and wants time to move them?PROBABLY NOT…because of who and what he is!It is more likely that he is hiding in his iranian hole! Protected of course by divine horseshit thickly spread by propagandists and general perveyors of nonsense much like you and the post above?God rest Ali’s soul.Ayesh LubnanShunkleash

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Yep- German kids also got killed from Allied ordinance after World War 2.Pity.Pity that their parents brought that on their own children- not that you really care about the children.

  3. Kodder · · Reply

    I can’t believe that people still think that the summer war was because of 2 soldiers… idiots…

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    LOL!! Right Kodder…RIGHT! The jooowich and amerken conspiracy to steal our litani water…INSEET YA KODDER, INSEET!Ayesh LubnanShunkleash

  5. ali ibrahm · · Reply

    haha for anonymous number one.. zakartna/tin be 2sraily said(comments) from about 1year in ( cluster bom the a child where killed by one of them he said:go go isreail u do the right… . as if he saiying that ther will be an idiot peole will put the blame on hizbullah and u r one of them (anonymous number 1)

  6. ANGRY MOTHER · · Reply

    ya Ayesh Lubnan, Shunkleash:ya’ni what can I say! To see hatred and stupidity go so low as to take away someone’s inhumanity is amazing. Human beings without humanity; the thing that makes us humans! Strange, no?!Does it matter who started the war? And if we put the blame on Nasrallah, and even jail him, does that make it OK for the Israelis to have sent these cluster bombs with the compliments of the USA and for Mr. Hariri not have remineded the Americans of Ali? Do you think it would have mattered for the late Prime Minister Hariri whose fault it was to remind the Americans of Ali? I don’t! Prime Minister Hariri would have made it a point to remind the American of the hundreds of Lebanese who are dying as a result of the cluster bombs. One thing for sure, Ali’s mum doesn’t care whose fault it is! her 6-year old was butshered by the Isrealis! Spare her a prayer; perhaps then some of your humanity might return!Mira, an Angry Mother!

  7. Anonymous · · Reply

    Angry Mother,Forgive me but im not surprised that you, or anyone esle, thinks I have hate in me, I am also not surprised that you all think I am stupid.If all the lot of you can do is attack what I have said with equally inane comments about “does it matter who started the war etc etc” then you are too far gone to find reason.On what level do you think it is reasonable to argue that IT DOES NOT MATTER!?…all that means is that you wish to not deal with the reality of WHO and WHY the war was started. ITS CALLED THE TRUTH! YOU DO NOT WANT TO ADMIT THAT NASRALLAH IS A FOOLISH MAN WHO HAS LED US TO RUIN that is your business. You obviously believe the conspiracy theory about the “zionist plot” that the war was going to start anyway or that israel was going to attack us…WHY DO YOU believe that? Because Nasrallah told you so mahek? No other evidence but a criminal from the faux resistance told you so. That is your logic and that will always be your logic…you are happy to live your life supporting a foreign war, or hating someone else because he is a jew, or because he defends himself against crazy people whos only desire to reach paradise is by killing jews. That is why the arabist logic is a failure and why people like Hafez Assad and Nasser are rotting in the ground and all of us live in misery. By the way it is because I am forced to pray for Ali’s soul that I am going to criticise your hero nasrallah! I am going to blame HIM and I am NOT going to blame israel. Not because i love the israelis, but because i love my country more than fatso nasrallah. Do you know where he is hiding? Mashallah, he is hiding because of his divine victory? People die in war…its true, its not a video game. BUT the israelis used weapons designed to kill hizballah NOT CHILDREN…that is called WAR, what did you expect them to use snubar?Ali’s soul is at rest and so is mine. I also have my humaniy because I remember we are all human beings and do not hate and WILL NOT hate because assad says so or because nasrallah says so…Think about this…you attack me for stating the truth and you do so by trying to change the subject or hide behind lies “like Prime Minister Hariri would have made it a point to remind the American of the “HUNDREDS OF LEBANESE” who are dying as a result of the cluster bombs.” Hundreds? hundreds? wallow? And where are the funerals…since i live in the South i should see them! The other arguments about hariri are irrelvant.You still ask where is my humanity when you are defending or at the least not prepared to criticise who started the war?ibe shoumAyesh um ali ou ayesh lubnan

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