Terrorism does not discriminate

Ayn el Hayat (meaning spring of life) was born 27 years ago in Germany where she spent most of her life with her Lebanese father and German mother. Ayn el Hayat returned to Lebanon about two years ago after finishing her university studies. She was four month pregnant and returning from work when the car bomb that killed MP A. Ghanem exploded. The bomb caused her severe burns and suffering. Thirteen days later, she gave up and passed away.

Ayn el Hayat had recently started working at a translation firm in Sin el Fil. It was her first day of work after a two-week break.

Ayn el Hayat, the daughter of Farid Abdel Karim, the son of Kafra (my hometown), Qada Bint Jbeil was full of life. She and her family escaped death during the July 2006 war while they were in Kafra. They left the South of Lebanon at the request of the German Embassy.

Ayn el Hayat was buried two days ago in Kafra, a town she just started to know.

A couple of days ago we lit candles in memory of Charles Chikhani.
Charles, who was 29, studied outside Lebanon and like Ayn el Hayat, decided to return to Lebanon. He became a director in a Lebanese communication company. The same bomb that deprived Lebanon of Ayn el Hayat also took Charles life away.

A couple of days ago we lit candles to remember Charles and other innocent lives lost to terrorism.

Tomorrow we go to pay our respect to the memory of Ayn el Hayat.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow we shun terrorism.

Ayn el Hayat facebook group

Charles facebook group

1st image: Ayn el Hayat’s mother holding her photo
2nd image: Charles Chikhani


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  1. How senseless, how terrible and sad!! I am somehow missing the sense of what is going on in Lebanon lately … there are FEW news getting here! Can you give me an idea – I am MOST curious!!

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