Wetmayali = Sway

Shy seduction radiates from the beautiful girl as she sways to the melody of this enjoyable music and fine lyrics by Nadim Mohsen.
The setting for the video clip is the majestic temple of Baalbeck looking over the Bekaa plain (valley) of Lebanon.
Six elegantly mature dancers with their traditional robes and headdresses dance the dabke by the six towering columns of the temple. Their calm and pleasant countenances proudly portray the marks of age-old hard work and experience.
Young men, descendents of the architects and builders of this temple (I insist), dance joyfully around them in harmony with the rhythms and the beats.
The beautiful girl sways as the song tells of “a world that awakes upon his laughter…”



  1. Nice text! And quality folk music. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    thanks moussa for the video. as a lebanese living abroad, i, like many get fed up with the mentality of self destruction in lebanon. this video brought the essence of what lebanon was and what it should always be. this is beyond seductive, and im not talking about the females, but rather the raw beauty that is lebanon. this is what i would consider emotional pornography. thank you for the beautiful video. you need to put more like that. perhaps there is still hope.peacebuckeye

  3. M Bashir · · Reply

    phil, buckeye,i’m glad you like … 🙂

  4. Moussa,I visited this page many times before deciding to watch the video. It is beautiful. We should celebrate our culture more often. I don’t have satellite TV, it is a decision we made with my husband to sapre our children the crap one sees on Tv and it worked, they are both great readers. However, every time I go to my brother’s who has LBC on on his TV in the kitchan at any time of the day or the night, I don’t recognize Lebanon neither the essence of Lebanese beauty. I see only people trying hard to imitate the West.

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