Hidden violence against Lebanese women

“Women’s groups say they receive daily reports of domestic violence from women from all sectors of society, across religious and economic divides.
It is estimated that there is approximately one honor killing a week in Lebanon
>>> details…

More on this subject, its preventions and on victim’s support at KAFA



  1. Lebanon is a ‘Western loving society’ only on the surface. And why we didn’t hear from the Maronite patriarch on this subject ? Because we hear from him on nearly everything.Israel has the same problem. It is the problem of the entire Middle East, western loving or not. Women and children are the first to pay the prize in violent societies and violence outside the family always spills inside. There is no boundaries for violence once it is left unregulated.Do you think the militia man who spends the day killing unlawfully will be kind to his wife and children ?In my Christian village, not only honor killings went unpunished by the law but also vengeance killings between men in the same family. The perpetrators were from teh Kataeb.

  2. I thought Lebanon was really a ‘Western loving society’ like Sophia sayed.. but honor killings and violence against women and children? It´s not a matter of east/west is a matter of poverty, lack of good institucional justice and education. It´s not just a problem of the Middle East…

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    moussa,thanks for speaking about this topic. middle eastern society is in such denial about this problem. of course domestic violence is not limited to the middle east, but at least outside the middle east, it can be punishable.although iam proud of my culture, honor killings is one of those things that is a gross misrepresentation and a disgusting cultural thing. something carried with the person no matter where they live. i have lived in the states all of my life and have heard of 2 killings in the past 20 years. perhaps 2 is no big deal, but in a society where this is not tolerated, it is a big deal. i hope the men in the middle east realize the harm that they are inflicting on their women, children and on their own mental well being. by the way moussa, when i clicked on the link, it did not bring up the entire article.peacebuckeye

  4. M Bashir · · Reply

    thanks buckeye, the article was in full when i posted this one. the article is not for free after they archive it. i will try to find if there is another link or something…

  5. Anonymous · · Reply

    As a Lebanese citizen how do you think the violence against women can end in Lebanon? Would stronger police force and judiciary systems make any difference or does there need to be some sort of cultural change? -from university of vermont student

  6. M Bashir · · Reply

    U of Vermont Std, I think both measures, stronger police and cultural change, are needed.

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