Hailstorm helps in clearing left-over cluster bombs

Hailstorm has caused hundreds of cluster bombs [bomblets] to explode in the valleys of South Lebanon. The cluster bombs were dropped by Israel during its July 2006 Lebanon War.
The hailstones were as big as walnuts.
Divine anybody?



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Divine is the entire Arab world not being able to destroy Israel- as per Allah’s will.Divine is that those Arabs who try to oppose Allah’s will suffer the consequences.

  2. Blacksmith Jade · · Reply

    Thats good news.

  3. Maybe someone should tell Bush, who likes to speak to God whenever he needs political advice, that God lives in South Lebanon.

  4. Great news.I wonder Bashir what you think of Michel Edde, or Robert Ghanem. I don’t care if Michel Edde is the opposition’s favourite, and Ghanem the march 14’s favourite. Though not their primary choice.24 hours to go. finger crossed.

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