"The Apartheid Wall": just another application

Amal’s latest: facebook 2, Israel added “The Apartheid Wall” application



  1. 1. It isn’t apartheid: It’s preventing the Arabs from carrying out apartheid policies. Right now, both Arabs and Jews live on both sides. If the racist Arabs had their way, there would be no Jews on either- and minimally there would be none on the eastern side.The Arabs suffer for their racist, apartheid-laden ideas and plans.2. Almost none of it is a wall:<>Solid barrier system<>This particular design is used in a minority of cases- a total of 8 km in the initial stages of the project (4%). Its main purpose is to prevent sniper fire into Israel and on major highways and roads. In this case, a solid concrete wall resembling a highway sound barrier often used in the US and Europe is erected. This design is used mainly along the new Trans – Israel Highway, in Bat Hefer and Matan, and in densely populated urban areas such as Jerusalem. Once the whole project is completed, the portion of the concrete sections will be 6%, approximately 30 km.http://www.securityfence.mod.gov.il/Pages/ENG/operational.htmThe only thing you got right in the post was the date.

  2. Renegade Eye · · Reply

    A wall won’t solve anything. In reality neither will Zionists, nationalists or Islamists. Only a socialist Middle East, can deal with the issues.

  3. theCourtFool · · Reply

    <> Merry Christmas To All <>

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