Nassrallah is a Lebanese citizen

Naharnet is also a Lebanese internet news outlet. But Naharnet describes Nassrallah as a very dangerous Israeli fugitive. Naharnet does not want Nassrallah to be associated with Lebanon. Naharnet adopts the language and mood of the wild wild west (praise be to Bush):

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, one of Israel’s most wanted men…

Naharnet overlooks decades of Israeli occupation and blames the existence of Hezbollah on Syria and Iran. Israel is the reference here. The 2006 war was fought on another planet and for alien causes.

Nasrallah has been Israel’s top public enemy since Hizbullah, which is backed by Iran and Syria, fought the deadly 2006 war.

Naharnet also made up its mind about the identity of the state of Israel. It is a Jewish state, and to hell with all the Christian, Moslem, Jews, Buddhists or Atheists of the land of Palestine who think otherwise. And to hell with all the refugees everywhere. But Naharnet is also very objective, it does not forget to mention, on equal footing, the victims of both sides of the war:

Hizbulla’s capture of two Israeli soldiers in July 2006 led to a 34-day war with the Jewish state that left more than 1,200 civilians dead in Lebanon, a third of them children, as well as 160 Israelis, mostly soldiers.

Naharnet is the pride of the Lebanese press.
Dichotomy is also the pride of the Lebanese way of life.
But that is another story.



  1. theCourtFool · · Reply

    True!Naharnet is a disgrace. Lebanese media remind me so much of the era of Chavez, when the Americans wanted the people to overthrow him – regardless of their beleif or source of information.I strongly encourage readers to watch “The Revolution will not be televised” (I think you can see it on Youtube or Google Video). Also, I would like to point out the difference between Naharnet and Al-Nahar, to be pondered on by each individual’s conscience.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Nasrallah is an Iranian agent. He carries out Iranian policy- not Lebanese policy, and gets his funding and weapons from Iran- not Lebanon.Lebanon pays a very heavy price for this and always will.

  3. Umm Kais · · Reply

    He may be a citizen alright, but after his body part bragging, I would consider him a disgusting Lebanese citizen and would rather not share citizenship with him. Naharnet, like the other Lebanese news outlets, is a joke too.

  4. Everything will be just fine as soon as Nasrallah becomes Supreme Leader of Lebanon. He can just close down Naharnet – problem solved!

  5. Arabic Coffee Pot · · Reply

    I think technically you have to be a Lebanese citizen to be a Lebanese traitor……good observation M Bashir!(its a good thing Nasrallah has a few hands, legs and feet with which to negotiate hundreds of Lebanese lives – his valuation is spot on)[to be read in a sarcastic tone!]

  6. Arabic Coffee Pot · · Reply

    correction to above: (a few Isreali* hands, legs,…)

  7. Anonymous · · Reply

    I always thought of traitors as people who sell intelligence to foreign states.No Nasrallah (and HA in general) id much bigger than that. They are the cause of Lebanon’s demise.

  8. gilbert · · Reply

    MB – he may be a citizen however there were many parts of this speech with were sickening.When will be get over the Palestine complex, the ‘Zionist’ occupation, body parts frozen in hope of negotiating for murderers and start focusing on the fundamentals of state building for all Lebanese.While Naharnet is a horrible excuse for media, they do have a point. He is wanted by Israel. There are Israeli ministers calling for Nasrallah’s head. And this is a guy that started the war by crossing into Israeli land (or occupied Palestine, whatever way you look at it, it was foolish, wrong, against international law and just plain stupid).

  9. jayydeh.

  10. My analysis of Nasrallah’s speech. who think that it was disgusting didn’t understand the speech.

  11. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">My analysis of Nasrallah’s speech.<>Those who think it was disgusting didn’t understand the speech. They will have to read Ali Ibn Abi Taleb as well as “The General Of The dead Army”.

  12. excellent post. I like when you get angry. We finally read you.

  13. Does naharnet take its news from AFP or the other way around? This could explain the language, but not why they would publish a text without editing it.

  14. Arab Democracy · · Reply

    Naharnet has been adopting this stance a least since the July 2006 war. Nothing new there.I am surprised that it it still shocks anyone.I am new to your blog but I am interested in knowing if, in your opinion, citizen Nasrallah is capable of mistakes, errors or miscalculations.Is this gentleman or his party beyond criticism? and if yes.What would be your criticism of them.Joseph (A fellow Lebanese ctizen)

  15. M Bashir · · Reply

    Joseph:In short, no one, no person, party or entity is infallible. Hence none is beyond criticism.

  16. Ibn Bint Jbeil · · Reply

    غزة اقتحمت وحررت مصرGaza has liberated Egypt!

  17. Anonymous · · Reply

    Gaza is now Egypt’s problem!

  18. Ibn Bint Jbeil · · Reply

    anonymous, you dimwit, egypt is only the first in line!Gaza has liberated Egypt!

  19. Anonymous · · Reply

    To anonymous and umm kais and arabic coffee pot and all other “disgusted” lebanese assholes,what a shame, what an irony that our days have shown us such “lebanese citizens” that are disgusted with our LIBERATORS and are glorifing the killers of ours kids. Yes, how disgusting to read your f**king ideas you arrogant snobs. Lebanon is our country, and who the f**k do you think you are to accept someone as lebanese or not. Being a traitor of ones country starts in the mind, and you have certainly portrayed that when you took side with the enemy of our nation and people.Repent now before its too late, if not go f**k yourself.

  20. Anonymous · · Reply

    Bint Bint Jbeil, you dimwit, Egypt is the end of the line!Egypt will control the Paleos- especially as they flood into Egypt in the future!

  21. Ibn Bint Jbeil · · Reply

    all power to the people! there is NO end to the line, until the line comes back full circle to tel abib.

  22. Anonymous · · Reply

    Actually, the people who belong in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and Hebron and Beit El ARE coming back. You can help by contributing generously to <>< HREF="" REL="nofollow">THIS ORGANIZATION<><>.On the other hand, the thieving Arabs are leaving:<>According to Nader Said’s polls for Birzeit University, 35 percent of Palestinians over the age of 18 want to emigrate. Nearly 50 percent of those between 18 and 30 would leave if they could, said Mr. Said. “That’s a huge indicator,” he said. “In the worst of times here, when Israeli troops were everywhere, the figure in the population was less than 20 percent.”Even the young fighters of the Abu Rish brigade have tried to leave. Muhammad and Saado, both 27, sold their weapons, took bank loans and paid $2,000 for visas and tickets from Cairo to Beijing on Austrian Airlines. What about those who would accuse you of giving up your rights in your land?Mr. Hussein turned away. “I don’t care,” he finally said. “I want to live happily.”<>The funniest thing is that the Jews were forced to establish Tel Aviv because the racist Arabs in Yafo (Jaffa) wouldn’t allow Jews to live there.Funny, eh?It sure is great that those horrible days are over in the Jewish homeland.PS I like the tea they serve in Lebanon. They’re very hospitable folks there.

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