The F*loating attrocity: USS Cole ‘Khara’

Anyway, the F-word according to Bush is coming to Lebanon in the shape of a Floating attrocity called USS Cole, like Cole Khara (for the non lebs: Cole Khara means Eat shit ). It will Bring stability, Freedom, Democracy to Lebanon exactly the same kind that the Afghan and Iraqis have and cherish so much that they blow themselves up in market places, its pure happiness I tell you.–Kodder



  1. programmer craig · · Reply

    Fuck you.

  2. programmer craig · · Reply

    <>It will Bring stability, Freedom, Democracy to Lebanon exactly the same kind that the Afghan and Iraqis have and cherish so much that they blow themselves up in market places, its pure happiness I tell you.<>Do you think you deserve better?

  3. Kodder · · Reply

    usually programmers are smart, I don’t think you are a programmer…

  4. Peace · · Reply

    LOL Great play on words, thanks for the laugh. Agreed, Kodder, well put. God bless the Lebanese and everyone in the Middle East.

  5. Jester · · Reply

    Blunt post. I strongly doubt a show of military force will provid stability. I doubt even Bush beleives that, but nonetheless, a show of force gives validity for your opponents to do the same, and I don’t see how where stability can beachieved this way.As for programer craig, you have to look at it from an Object Oriented Programming structure, you have an Object, the USS cole, thats accessing a protected class, the Lebanese waters 🙂

  6. USS Cole being there is something to be careful of. As an american That usually means that something big is up. I think it is safely to say that Israel is about to strike again and they are there to support them. After all King George is still President and he kisses ass with Israel.

  7. Anonymous · · Reply

    Anywhere there is Islam, there is instability and violence.You need to be protected from yourselves.

  8. Kodder · · Reply

    ..said the anonymous idiot that has no clue about Lebanon.

  9. Anonymous · · Reply

    Lebanon has Islam, and therefore there is instability and violence.When the Christians ruled, there was peace and prosperity. Now Lebanon is a disaster and will only get worse.Pretty soon they’ll be living in caves.

  10. Anonymous · · Reply

    Anonymous is not that idiot, and unfortunately he is partially right. What did the muslim civilization achieve? Where does it stand in the course of evolution in this 3rd mllenium?…The arab/muslim world is still in the dark ages and you have the gutts to criticize super civilizations (YES like the USA) who, by sending one of its destroyer close to your border, makes you shit in your pants. Yes the US is present in Lebanon, and you can all Cole Khara, coz wether you like it or not, we will live in a peaceful world and we will pay for this peace with our own blood as well in afghanistan, irak, lebanon, iran, palestine… … The free world will prevail, yes we have to teach you how to behave, yes we will make you suffer to learn to be civilized, we will suffer with you as well, but we will get to it. Start accepting the american shit, it taste better than a syrian/irani boots who will not even give you shit to eat.

  11. “super civilizations”??i’m baffled, anonymous. could you please clarify to us poor residents of the ‘dark ages’ how exactly is the US a “super civilization”?seriously, my curiosity is piqued.

  12. Kodder · · Reply

    Del,I think he meant super large, you know, large ships, large guns, large cars, large oil consumption(Iraq), large gaz and minerals consumption(afghanistan), Large Large people (BK, McDonald, 60% overweight),super ignorance(people of the street not knowing where other countries are , ask Jay Leno), super brainwashed(Bush is freesing Iraqis), I think he meant that.😛

  13. thanks Kodder 🙂i guess this explains it all, then!!

    thank God for the dark ages then. at least we’re the one who taught “super civilizations” the alphabet 😉

  14. this one tooooooo!!

  15. Anonymous · · Reply

    Arab Muslims live in a permanent Jahiliyah now.A violent, backwards, barbaric Jahiliyah.Only someone from outside can rescue them from themselves- if anyone can.Lebanon’s ills are clear evidence of that.

  16. You say the Afgans and Iraqis are suffering under their versions of democracy that the Cole seeks to protect. Are you saying that they were better off with the Taliban and Saddam? Do the women of Afghanistan prefer the Taliban? Do the Shiites of Iraq prefer Saddam? You should welcome the Cole and thank the poor American taxpayer who will kick your ass into the 21st century! You jerk!

  17. Sophia · · Reply

    Tony,Women’s rights didn’t change that much under Karzai rule in Afghanistan. Listen to Afghan activist and former member of parliament Malalai Joya describing the bunch of warlords and druglords surrounding Karzai who ousted her from parliament. Did anybody notice that the Afghan parliament approved a death sentence on a journalist who dared criticize them ? What did change in Afghanistan is the production of opium. It was 0 under the Taliban and now Afghanistan produces 85 % of the world’s consumption.Yes the Shias are better off now than under Saddam but are the sunnis or the Christians better ? No. Is the country better ? No. So what you are defending is a sectarian war. And yes, the US are fighting civil and sectarian wars in the ME, taking sides and pitting factions against each other. That’s the simple truth.Is this what you want for Lebanon ? Personally, I don’t want this for my country. And I have every right to refuse.

  18. Anonymous · · Reply

    Del and Kodder, The super civ i’m talking about is sending people to space while the arabs can’t travel to neighbouring countries. the US that you like to portray as chewing gum eaters and ketchup drinkers created the youtube and the internet and this stupid blog and the computer you are using and the electricity that charges the battery of your comp and the english you are using to communicate and and and ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. x infinity.but hey we are used to your BS. I hate america, but i buy the new motorolla with american $$$, and wear nike and eat mc donalds 5 times a week and spit on the amrikan imberializme. Go suck your fingers kids, and come back and talk about the US when u will have water and electricity 24/7. when u have proper roads, proper houses, proper legislation, justice, women emancipation, economy, social services, hospitals, factories, space shuttles, schools, universities, institutions, armies, planes, rockets,…. and oh pffff a president hahahahaha!!! Go read about the US, not the crap that hassouna fills your brainwashed tiny minds with. Travel to the US (if you’re respectable enough to get a visa!!) and come and see the greatest civilization of the modern world, the problem is you will be sooooooo amazed that you will block into denial when you will discover where the world is and where you still are. you are not in the dark ages, you are still living in caves, and on second thoughts, i wonder if you came down from the trees. Ketchup anyone?

  19. smk873 · · Reply

    so the US created the computer? ummmm . . . guess you’re not familiar with the concept of “Zero” without which you would never have a computer, let alone the internet, or those fancy shmancy weapons of mass murder. Since you’ve already shown your ignorance, allow me to enlighten you . . . the concept of ‘Zero’ came from the Arabs.Electricity? HA! Again, you probably believe that was courtesy of the great ol’ US of A? Sorry, but the creater of the age of electricity was none other than Nikolla Tesla, a Croat (can you find Croatia on a map? Here’s a hint – it’s not one of the 50 States).Are you going to tell us that coffe is an American gift as well? Sorry, but without the Arabs, there would be no Starbucks for you to grab your latte while you surf & troll the net.Ya’ know those parachutes that the military uses when jumping out of planes? Guess what! The parachute is an Arab invention!As is the camera, chess, soap, the crank-shaft, several medical instruments (like the scalpal, foreceps and bone saws), checks, and the wind mill. Heck, even the numbers which you use in the States today are of Eastern origin.

  20. Anonymous · · Reply

    Why do Arabs lie so much?Why do they try to take credit for things that they didn’t do or invent?It must be because in tha past 500 years they haven’t done ANYTHING useful.Even the oil under their cursed feet was discovered and extracted by civilized man- not them.

  21. Anonymous · · Reply

    smk873 ya Lamba enta!!!!following your (arab) logic, who discovered mathematics before discovering the zero? Therefore the zero you are so proud of is the continuation of an invention and not an invention by itself!!! Without mathematics, you would have never got the zero concept (which, we must recognize it, you are the best at being a zeros). You are going to say that the French invented the minitel who is the living ancestor of the american internet… We know that, but look where minitel is and where internet is once american companies started handling it. So please stop enlightening people with a couple of inventions that came from randomly born geniuses in the arab land that got persecuted and assassinated and exiled to other countries where their NATURAL genius was revealed. The invention is not as important as the place and the civilization that embraced it and made it blossom. Take your coffee, take your parachutes and shove them up real deep, you are unable even to build a coffee machine and far from building a plane to use your parachute.Present day arab geniuses are working and living in the USA where they proudly call themselves Americans, the nation of all people, the greatest civilization of the world, where geniuses are appreciated and respected, not censored and persecuted.

  22. smk873 · · Reply

    First off, sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m not an Arab . . . I’m actually of Eastern European decent (the Balkans to be exact) and since it matters so much to you . . . I was born & bred in Brooklyn. Yep, I’m an American; however, unlike you, I’m not blinded by bigotry.You can keep on insisting that our Nation is the greatest thing compared to sliced bread and you can keep insisting that ketchup is a gift from the US (another misconception . . . Ketchup started off as a fish sauce in CHINA before we Americans decided added to our burgers and FRENCH fries). Unlike you, I’m not blind to the autrocities of my own Nation, nor will I take pride in it’s bigotry or racisim.

  23. Kodder · · Reply

    To the response of Anonymous about sending people to space.Dude, just for the record if you go to any research lab anywhere in the US, who you think you find there?Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Japanese, and are just lucky for now that you have all the money to hire those (money coming from mainly stealing other people resources).But History taught us one thing, all super powers self destroy themselves because of inner corruption , very very rarely by outside influence.USA’s corruption is at its peek.and the population is extremely divided.good luck…see you in jahiliyah 🙂

  24. Anonymous · · Reply

    To Anonymous :Put something in the hole of your face.That’s the logic that your brain grasps.Also , some bwaseer up your ass will the do the job. I bet you have a stinking breath.Honest to God , Don’t you ?When was the last time you had an erection ?

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