King George’s Holy Promises

Holy King George has voiced another of his divine, true and ready to be fulfilled promises.
The high priest, his holiness Ja3Ja3 (Geagea) has revealed to us, the sublime utterances spoken only into his ears.
Holy King George ensures that Lebanon’s independence and sovereignty are 100 percent guaranteed, said his holiness.
His holiness Ja3Ja3 (Geagea) also revealed that King George is against the Palestinian refugees remaining in Lebanon (right of return?!) and guarantees that he will endeavor to get the Israelis out of the Shebaa farms (join Hezbollah?!).
All this was revealed to his holiness, true believer, exemplary role model, high priest Ja3Ja3 (Geagea).
Holy King George Bush has always been a holy man of his divine words. He has always been true to his promises.
Allah yihdina. Amen.
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  1. Blacksmith Jade · · Reply

    On the Shebaa Farms issue. You know just as well as I do that there have been ongoing UN negotiations to resolve the issue diplomatically and it seems that these negotiations are going well.We don’t have to sell Lebanese blood to Iran’s regional agenda in order to get Shebaa back.As for settling the Palestinians, do you really think its feasible in Lebanon? Come on, its obviously not, and even if someone managed to sign some sort of treaty [on the fly] to nationalize them, it would be scuttled (a la March 17 treaty with Israel).Somethings are just not going to happen, and one shouldn’t base our personal policies on infeasible fabrications … ’tis the way of sheep, and ’tis the way of the propaganda office.Come on Bashir, you’re smarter than that.

  2. Blacksmith Jade · · Reply

    By the way, the above isn’t a comment in defense of Geagea of Bush or anything like that. Its just a challenge to the notion that we have to accept the monopoly to “resistance” or of securing national goals by Hizballah [as an integral organ of the Iranian political/islamic revolutionary body].There are other ways of going about our business and none of them need drag us into a regional conflict the way Hizballah’s targetted Iranian weapons are.I don’t understand people’s obsession with insisting that Hizballah continue operating as it is and not integrate into the Army.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    to Blacksmith Jade :Dear BJ , UN negotiations have never brought people of the ME what they deserve.They know this through trial and error (and it was almost completely error for the last 70 years!)Lebanese blood is very valuable . That is why it should be preserved. Now picture this : wouldn’t you use your own blood to jump and help any one from irrational aggressor?That is the case in Lebanon. Resistance can (and will ) bring Israelis to the point where there will be real consideration for you think that the Israelis want peace ?do you really think they will give back the land they occupied ?do you really think that Israel is a democratic “Polis” ?..and that they will allow Christians and Muslims to be Israelis equal to Jews Israelis ?As for settling the Palestinians, don’t you really think that it is feasible in Lebanon? Come on, it is obviously !…the treaty your talking about , was done because of people who believed in resistance against Israel. Moh’d Najdi was the first who got killed in Southern parts of Beirut in a demonstration

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    He was killed protesting the treaty of MAY 17th of 1983.Dear BJThings can be better and more rational id the Israelis convinced the world that they will get rid of their nuclear toys , sharing the technical advances with people of the region , stopping the schemes they planned for every organism in the region.Peace is possible , but Israel , as we know it should cease to exist ! Best regards

  5. Abdel-Maseeh Baik · · Reply

    All political parties aside,All political personalities aside,All temporal little things aside,There are two major things that will never happen in Lebanon; neiter Blacksmith Jade nor Jaajaa, nor anyone, will ever be able to impose them in anyway; neither through street protests, nor blogging, nor public opinion, nor civil war, nor negotiations:1)Lebanon will NEVER be “American” in its policies and alliances.2)Peace between Israel and Lebanon will never happen.Everything else is negotiable between the Lebanese.Keep trying in vain.

  6. Anonymous · · Reply

    Dear BJAbout kidnapping :Wikipedia tells us how this became a federal crime after killing a toddler in 1932 . then if you Google this topic , you will find a site telling you how to behave if you got captured (by the terrorists).It did not explain . however , what to do if you get caught by the American Army. You can find the story of an Iraqi prisoner who was flown from his town to another prison in Iraq. There , some people came and ,simply, displaced his eyes from their place.Then broke his arms and legs.America ,the United States of America is a super nation.Back to “Doctor” Ja3ja3. In his era , thousands of Lebanese people were kidnapped. Their families know nothing about them. Keeping this in mind , we wonder what might his version for a “break through” of the static o of Lebanon these days.

  7. Jester · · Reply

    I agree with both Blacksmiths.As for the right of Return – That is a major issue we’re keep silent about.

  8. M Bashir · · Reply

    Blacksmith,You ask:“As for settling the Palestinians, do you really think its feasible in Lebanon?”I don’t know how you deduced this or your other points from the post. I am a supporter of the “right of return”, and this has nothing to do with feasibility, Palestinians have been here for sixty years, anyway that is a different story. And how did you jump to the conclusion that I am not for integrating the resistance with the army? Be careful, you don’t put people in a niche dictated by your whim and then offend them based on that. This is not good for a descent dialogue.All I am saying is: 1- President George W. Bush is a LIAR. 2- Geagea and his colleagues are naive to believe his promises.3- I am being polite.

  9. Bashir,Sure, Bush is a LIAR. But aren’t “< HREF="" REL="nofollow">they<>” all? More than anything else, politics may really be about the pursuit of “power equilibriums”. And in this chess game of ours, local pawns like Geagea can at best be opportunistic. With all the patronage coming in from outside Lebanon, the “Hakaym” and the “Beauty Queen” have to find patrons somewhere; Israel is courting Syria, Iran feeds Hezb’O, Saudi takes care of Hariri… And this is the real tragedy in all this; what will happen when < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Dr Faust’s bill comes due<>?Hence the idea for another post.

  10. Blacksmith Jade · · Reply

    Well at least the comment and the post started some sort of debate (minus the incomprehensible first few replies to my comments).And especially since the blogosphere has regrettably become incredibly polarized, with very few bloggers commenting on blogs that don’t reflect their own views……in any case,Bashir, you and I have discussed Hizballah’s integration into the Army and I know that you’re for it, but I also think (correct me if I’m wrong) that you think that Hizballah is for it too (which is not what I think!). The subject came up in your post with the link between ‘resistance’ and Hizballah and I wanted to say exactly what I said: I don’t think resistance = Hizballah, if anything, resistance was a side-effect of Hizballah’s greater objective. And resistance need not come with all the Iranian baggage Hizballah brings…so thats how that came up.Same goes for the Palestinians. It didn’t take any great leap to go from your claiming Bush a liar on the return of Palestinians, to a discussion on Palestinian naturalization in Lebanon.I understand that you got upset because you felt you were being pigeonholed, I feel that too sometimes…no matter how much one writes/posts he/she won’t be able to express his/her opinions to the fullest…so ‘bit seer’… no hard feelings. As for the “Hakaym” in the U.S., I agree with Jeha (as I often do).

  11. Abdel-Maseeh Baik · · Reply

    BSJ,Shoo ya3ni incomprehensible?Toz 3layk. Wahad mitlak incomprehensible. What’s so incomprehensible about the fact that the la-hakim wants to make Lubnan “American” in its policies and alliances, and that this will never happen? What’s so incomprehensible about the idea that peace between Israel and Lebanon will never happen? Talk about “greater objective” and “baggage.” The American-Israeli project has always been the obarching guiding light behind the Ouwweeet, Hurras-el-Ayr, and Kataeb policies and behavior. These preceded anyone else going elsewhere for patronage.Everything else is negotiable between the Lebanese.Keep trying in vain.

  12. Abdel-Maseeh Baik · · Reply

    (overarching not obarching)!

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