Global Voices Online reminder

I have continued to, and still am doing, the weekly roundups and summary (weblogs) of the Lebanese blogosphere at the Middle East and North Africa region of Global Voices Online, even though I have stopped linking to these summaries in posts here on this blog.

Nevertheless new posts about Lebanon at Global Voices/MENA are always linked to on the left sidebar of this blog, right under reads.

All previous summaries and roundups of the Lebanese blogosphere can be found at my page at Global Voices.

If you are a Lebanese blogger, or have a blog about Lebanon or know of a blog about Lebanon, and believe that it has not received its share of linking to at GVO, please be kind to send me a note.

Meanwhile, do pay GVO a visit and surf through its projects like Voices Without Votes, Rising Voices, Lingua and others, or at Global Voices Advocacy etc.



  1. SillyBahrainiGirl · · Reply

    Thanks for the heads up M Bashir! And looking forward to more links from Lebanon!

  2. élodie · · Reply

    Here is my blog http://www.francelebanon.blogspot.comQuite new…

  3. M Bashir · · Reply

    elodie,i found your blog earlier today and i added it to the list of blogs i check. thanks for dropping by. keep up the good work 🙂

  4. But also, what we would like to see is more of your precious posts on your blog!🙂

  5. i see you this morning, and now of your blog… nice getting to know the online moussa!

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