Dear Mustapha

Ali is not a fictional character.
Ali is a Lebanese lawyer and political analyst and I have quoted him before.
Ali does not represent Shiism.
Actually, Ali is a secularist.
Ali was neither talking about Shia versus Sunni nor is he against Omar.
Ali was not talking about Hezbollah.

Ali was talking about resistance (mouqawama) to the injustices of occupation and expulsion.
Ali believes that resistance to Zionist atrocities, both of which began during the beginning of the 20th century, has evolved over the decades. Hezbollah is one manifestation of this evolution. And even if it vanishes, a new form of resistance will emerge. This has and will always go on.

It’s a shame how sectarian interpretation surfaces among Lebanese even if the topic is the color of a cockroach.
Ugly attitudes like this is driving young educated secularists either away from Lebanon or into the arms of sectarianism.

I say that the Middle East, and maybe the world, will not find real peace until the bleeding wound of UrShalim is healed.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Ali hates Israel so he murders Sunnis, Christians, and Druze in the name of Allah the merciful.This is why Lebanon is no longer a country.🙂

  2. Karin · · Reply

    “I say that the Middle East, and maybe the world, will not find real peace until the bleeding wound of UrShalim is healed.”… I totally agree!!

  3. The mistake Ali is making is that is overlooking the fact that Hezb is a non-secular entity, in what is essentially a sectarian struggle. To entities such as Hezb, the “resistance to Zionist atrocities” is merely one element of a “millenarian” type struggle between its brand of believers and the rest.Yes, as long as the human rights of the Palestinians have not been addressed, war will go on. But this war is moving beyond sectarianism. Hezb has appropriated more than weapons; by taking up God’s name, they establish claims that extend beyond Palestine.<>Their Jerusalem in not of this world<>. No wonder Omar is upset, and he has every right to be. So is Maroun, Mitri, Ghaith… No God-fearing man likes to be branded a heretic. And Ali, real of fictional, needs to wake up; regardless of the merits cause he wants to serve, <>the means he supports do not aim to serve that end<>.

  4. jfmarcelo · · Reply

    Hola: Acabo de ver tu blog. Espero que visites mis blogs, son fotos de mi pueblo, de España y de Italia y Francia: donde encontrarás los enlaces de todos los blogs.UN SALUDO.

  5. Mustapha · · Reply

    yeah yeah, the old ostrich view of the world… I sometimes wonder where you’re living…It doesn’t matter if Omar’s view is fair or not, what matters is that perception, not reality, is what drives peoples to take up arms. Most Sunnis, rightly or wrongly, see Hezbollah’s weapons as guided against them. The angry chatter (and arms clacking) in sunni areas is deafening…My friend, Lebanon is no land for secularists. I learned this myself the hard way. So after you wake up, I guess you and I should both move to urshalim, because ali and omar eventually will fight this one out.

  6. Omar-Ali-Ghawwar · · Reply

    Mustapha, you are a Zionist soaking wet dream, and probably on a sizable paycheck at that. While you indulge in bloody fantasies of killing your brothers in religion, you provide the most used and tired distraction from the real injustices of the region. You and your lazy brethren in spew are the reason that Lebanon is a failed state and an insult to those who are fighting for a land of their own and self-determination. While our coreligionist brothers and sisters in Palestine are fighting for a state of their own, we make a mockery of ours, and you can bet the focus of their ‘arms clacking’ is not the Shi’a. They don’t have time for misguided ‘angry chatter’. So don’t tarnish the whole Muslim world with your sectarian poison o well paid agent provocateur. M Bashir, please stop giving this guy more outlets for his sectarian spew. It serves nobody.

  7. Justreadthepost · · Reply

    Pure nonsense. Pure nonsense.Peace begins in the minds of everyone in the Middle East–not “UrShalim” (the last time I am considering writing that nostalgic fairy-tale “saccharism”)!Peace will come to the Middle East when the Arab world joins the rest of us in the 21st century.It’s not about the date, it’s about the human and social development that has occurred since the 1100s. The rise of modernism and empiricism and objectivism/objectivity and the rejection of the nonsense-concept of “face”; and the culture of daily, habitual lying and subterfuge that goes along with it.The worst alliance on earth is the one between the pre-modernists and the post-modernists.All of the Arab world is in the clutches of their Wahabi masters and their religious and cultural bullying.The rest of the free world <>refuses<> to join you.We look at the Arab/Muslim world and all we see are violence, social regression and decay.Humor the world of logic for a moment?<>What is it that you have that you think that we would want?!<><>What does Arab culture have to add tot he modern world that we would acknowledge it?<>We will not bow to your Wahabi masters! We will not!

  8. Justreadthepost · · Reply

    Yes, as long as the human rights of the Palestinians have not been addressed, war will go on. ——————————-Pure nonsense!I feel there is a will to be deceived that is common in the Arab world.They <>want<> to be lied to.Sir,If Hezbollah is “all about the Palestinians”, then <>why are they not in Palestine?!?<>

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