"Mossad kills 350 Iraqi nuclear scientist"

Dar Babl published, two days ago, a synopsis of a report, which it claimed was sent to President Bush by the State Department (foreign affairs), stating that the Mossad (Israel’s Intelligence Institute) has killed 350 Iraqi nuclear scientist in addition to more than 200 university professors from different scientific specialties. It stated that this was done with the help of the American occupation forces. According to the report, these killings were done after the American forces failed in their attempts to recruit these scientists to work in and for the USA. According to Dar Babl, this measure, which targets about 1000 scientists, was taken because Israel believes that the scientists pose a threat to its security if they remain alive.

Update: A commentator brought my attention to this article (En), published May 2006, with the same information. (Thanks).



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    I think they are reposting an old article with some changes, check it out :http://www.williambowles.info/iraq/2006/0506/mossad_hit_squads.htmlNot that the Americans and Israeli’s wouldn’t do I mean they do it whenever they get the chance in Europe; but I don’t think this article is a reliable source.

  2. M Bashir · · Reply

    thanks anonymous, both articles are actually almost the same.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Almost except for the number of scientists killed and the date. The article I linked to was posted in 2006 ;).

  4. M Bashir · · Reply

    yes, but the article of Dar Babl was published in 2008 and does not mention that the assassination took place in 2008. The number in your link is 530 scientist and professor whereas the number in Dar Babl’s is 350 scientist and 200 prof, although in the introduction it says 300 prof. Anyway, I don’t know how reliable both sources are. But I have heard a lot about this since the invasion of Iraq and that one of the conditions to lift the embargo on Iraq, during Saddam’s era, was for him to hand over the names of all the Iraqi nuclear scientists.Peace.

  5. programmer craig · · Reply

    You said that Bush invented “Muslim Terrorists” in a previous post? You, sir, are a Muslim Terrorist. Did Bush invent you? Did Bush put a gun to your head and force you to make this disgusting and dishonest Jihadi post? lol.Yes, Muslim Terrorists are imaginary. Don’t worry though, the 2000 pound bombs are imaginary too.

  6. legitgov · · Reply

    Bush has killed some of the microbiologists working on his avian flu pandemic, as well. Dictator Bush and Cheney Halliburton are dying to get the pandemic party started.BTW, Bush was never elected in the US – the ‘elections’ were stolen.Cheers,Lori R. PriceMgr., Citizens For Legitimate Governmenthttp://www.legitgov.org/“Hi, mom, this is Mark Bingham… you believe me, don’t you?” Mark Bingham – Sept. 11, 2001http://www.legitgov.org/9_1_1_oddities.html

  7. Anonymous · · Reply

    Israel has killed multiple Egyptian and Iraqi nuclear scientists in the past since the 80’s actually, most were killed in France so the fact that they kill them in Iraq isn’t new, what he was posting about was a US admission of the crimes; which hasn’t occurred yet, and I doubt will occur, especially not with the right wing terrorists as yourself in power.The only terrorist here is you Craig, and you’re Christian. You’re the one advocating the killing of ‘fake’ Arab Christians and Muslims to free the holy land. As for the bomb we know they are real, and that hasn’t stopped us, and the time will come when you’ll see them as well, no empire has lasted forever; so savior the moment because payback may come soon .

  8. Peace is good :-) · · Reply

    برغي معي وأنا سوف يدفن لكم.

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