Palestine: The Culture …

… that rejects fading into oblivion.
So, Mr. and Ms. Zionism and Co, you just go ahead and blockade all you want; shoot, kill and then go around crying and begging for sympathy; lie all your lies; commit massacres and genocide with all your might and then lobby, trying to keep everyone blind to your acts; do all that you can, you’ll never be able to end or break this culture, or to even stop this song


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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    There’s no such thing as “Palestine”- or “Palestinian” culture:<>“There is no language known as Palestinian. There is no distinct Palestinian culture. There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians. Palestinians are Arabs, indistinguishable from Jordanians (another recent invention), Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, etc. Keep in mind that the Arabs control 99.9 percent of the Middle East lands. Israel represents one-tenth of 1 percent of the landmass. But that’s too much for the Arabs. They want it all. And that is ultimately what the fighting in Israel is about today. Greed. Pride. Envy. Covetousness. No matter how many land concessions the Israelis make, it will never be enough.”<>– Joseph Farah, Arab-American journalist, editor and CEO of WorldNet Daily

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