Sock and Awe

Sock and Awe is an online game where anyone can emulate Muntathar Al Zaidi and hurl shoes to hit Pres Bush in the face.
The seemingly simple act by Muntathar has become a major event that has unlocked emotions of pride and anger around the world but especially in the Arab world. Protests and demonstrations of support for Muntathar and denunciation for Bush’s policies and atrocities are taking place in countries of the Middle East including Lebanon.
This game comes with a counter that is continuously counting the millions (so far) of successful slams, from around the world, on Bush’s face. Check it out, just for the fun of it.


One comment

  1. The sad part is that the Iraqi Security men( ofcourse guided by the US democracy lessons) are the ones beating Montazar in custody.. which reminds me of the traitors who used to do Israel’s dirty work in the south.. But i know that whatever happens to him, Montazar is smiling on his hospital bed..I hope we don’t consider this a victory.. we’ve just started.. stop wearing shoes.. get the heavy boots ready and let’s see what happens..

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