Israel blogging its "precision airstrikes"

“Days after sending aircraft to strike Hamas militants in Gaza, the Israeli government is launching a campaign to dominate the blogosphere.
Among other things, the Israeli military has started its own YouTube channel to distribute footage of precision airstrikes.”

“Precision airstrikes”?! Of course! And here are images of what those genocidal “precision airstrikes” did:

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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    talking about this subject (the war in Gaza),i saw a clip with an interesting message….

  2. I am glued to the TV and trying to keep updated a much as CNN (and reluctantly “FOX”) provide … and worried SICK – I have dear dear friends in Gaza, politically non-affiliated folks, a family with children who just want to LIVE a decent life!! I succeeded to exchange a few words with them some four days ago – they still were “alright” …What is happening is pure genocide – and the US government does NOTHING! I have the feeling a few heads of state in particular here in the West will have to think very carefully how to proceed in order to maintain support of the people as pro-Palestinian demonstrations take place all over people! People are VERY angry and appalled … and were I in ANY position to join one of them – believe you me I would do so in a jiffy!!What’s going on in Beirut? How are you guys doing? Please be in touch … maybe you can drop me a line per e-mail?In solidarity – as always!!

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