Israel’s deterrence capacity crumbles bit by bit

Five more Israeli troops are killed in an ambush by Palestinian fighters after Israel launched a ground incursion into the Gaza strip.
The latest deaths took the number of Israeli soldiers killed and wounded after the ground invasion to 39.
Meanwhile, Hamas forces have surrounded two Israeli special forces units in the strip.”

Timeline of events leading to the ongoing violence in the Gaza Strip.



  1. Antoun · · Reply

    Hi Moussa,I have found the coverage of the ground offensive rather vague. Western media is only reporting 1 Israeli death, 40 wounded, 2 seriously and that the IDF are walking through the park.Are Press TV’s sources reliable?

  2. I think Israel started this war because 1. it wants to keep the Arabs “in their place” and 2. they want to make the Palestinians angrier at them, as Hamas is willing to negotiate and has accepted the two-state solution, and if the Palestinians are more furious at Israel they will become extreme and refuse to negotiate. Israel knows its days in the Occupied Territories are numbered. Soon they will have to accept the two-state solution on the June 1967 border and will have to get out of all of the West Bank, something that they’ve refused to do. It’s all a game of dirty politics, and sadly the people in Gaza have to suffer.

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