Mothers across the world for Gaza

Dear Friends,

On Sunday, February 8, 2009 mothers in at least THIRTEEN cities around the world will be gathering with their children, families and friends in solidarity with the Palestinian people, offering their support and condolences to the mothers and families in Gaza.

Marking the 40th day anniversary of the death of the first child in Gaza, we are gathering in Beirut, in Amman, in Nablus, in Dubai, in Derry, in Palo Alto, in Edmonton, in Helsinki, in Manchester, in Ballybofey, in Boise, in East Lansing, and in Cape Town, … These gatherings of mourning are called to fight the de-humanization of the children, women and men killed in the Israeli war on Gaza, by reciting out loud the name of each child killed.

Today, despite the ceasefire, the siege on Gaza has not been lifted, the war on the occupied Palestinian territories has not ended, and Palestine remains hostage. We gather to show our solidarity with the people of Gaza, to show that we have not forgotten the deaths of hundreds of children and that we will not ignore the on-going blockade.

Three weeks ago, on January 18, 2009 more than 500 women, children and men gathered at the Beirut shore at sunset to collectively express our outrage at the devastating Israeli war on Gaza, and to show our solidarity with Palestinians under siege.

We will be doing it again, this time in global solidarity.
Come with your children
Hold a candle
Make a banner
Wear black
Take a stand

Place: Ralmet el-Bayda Corniche (Facing Al-Ajami on the sea front)

Date: Sunday February 8th, 2009; 5-6:30pm.

For more information visit 


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