Fourteener IQ Test

Mark with an arrow the: 1-wimps 2-liars 3-warmongers 4-corruption perpetrators 5-war criminals 6-war criminal cook 7-chameleons (oops, this is for another test) …

photo credit: 14 March Conference at Biel 2009



  1. Blacksmith Jade · · Reply

    Totally right Bashir. We don’t need “wimps”, we need “2abadayeit” who will invade Beirut at the drop of a hat. Yeah, that’s what we need……what else, warmongers. Funny, I don’t think Elias Atallah started the July 2006 War.But yeah, there are some corrupt, some lying, some former warlord politicians up there. Try lining up the “we love Bashar/we work for Iran” crew without using the same acronyms. I’ll save you the trouble, you can’t.Unfortunately those are the choices being provided to the Lebanese people – you know, getting assassinated limits your ability to run in an election. There are other factors. Israel reminds us daily why we need to have a strong military deterrent against it. Hizballah have repeatedly shown us why it can’t be them – not the way they’re set up now.I choose those politicians that run on a platform that promises to deliver the Taef and its promise towards a secular Parliament and proper institutionalization of the country’s sectarian aspect. I choose those who run on a platform that will build state that will ensure that any decision on peace/war will be a Lebanese one.Anyway, that’s just me.

  2. Nice one uncle the best thing is what fares s3ad said:” badna yekon heek dayman ma3 ba3ed metef2een”, wo hena ma bete2o ba3ed jma3et kazabeen neswan foron. And now America loves Syria so they are going to love it because lem3alem bado heek

  3. Steeeeph · · Reply

    Cute! Well unfortunately, we’ve had generations and generations of political personnalities with the characteristics you mentioned above. But when the majority of our people, the silent majority, stays at home on election day, the same “crew” is going back to power. We really need to be mobilized and encouraged to just get out of the couch and go vote even if it’s a blank paper you’re dropping in there. This is our right.

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