Lebanese Campaign for the Boycott of Zionism

In this latest onslaught against Palestinians, Israel has attacked a university, the Ministry of Education, schools across the Gaza Strip, and several UNRWA schools. Such attacks against learning centers are not unique for Israel. Most particularly since 1975, Israel has infringed upon the right of education for Palestinians by closing universities, schools and kindergartens, and by shelling, shooting at, and raiding hundreds of schools and several universities throughout the occupied Palestinian territories.

Nor have these attacks been limited against Palestinians. As academics in Lebanon, we are all too familiar with Israeli onslaughts against educational centers. In its latest assault, in 2006, for example, Israel destroyed over 50 schools throughout Lebanon, and particularly schools designed for the economically disadvantaged in the South.

We thus stand, as academics in Lebanon, in urging our colleagues, regionally and internationally, to oppose this ongoing scholasticide and to support the just demand for academic boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel >>> the rest is here …



  1. Steph · · Reply

    Attacking schools is symbolic; it means attacking the youth, the culture. A school is never a threaten except if it’s occupied by militians and armed forces. But when it is attacked like that, it means that the Israeli forces don’t want the children of Gaza to even have a future. They want to take over Gaza.

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    right, and just to be even handed all you academics don’t forget to support the just demand for the halting of daily rocket attacks against civilians as well as demanding the end of the constant threat of terrorism. Also, in your esteemed halls of learning don’t forget to revert to the time honoured tradition of forgetting to mention that most universities in “palestine” are infested with people whose only purpose is to kill jews. So when israel “invades” they are protecting themselves.

    When you have all filled yourselves to the eyeballs with your self reighteous indignation of israel actually spare a thought for the palestinian people who YOU the esteemed of the academic world have used as your football since 1948.

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