"Geagea wanted us to fight the Shia" says Jumblat in this Video [updated]

Despite the poor quality of this video (taken by cell phone), Walid Jumblat can be heard accusing the Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and “some of the Sunnis” of wishing for a Druze-Shia conflict. He can also be heard saying “we saw the Sunni in Beirut, they brought 1000 fighters from Akkar and did not last 15 min [during the mini-civil-war of May 7, 2008]. “They wanted us [Druze and Shia] to fight each other and then they would just sit and watch”, he said. He stressed that the Druze dignity is preserved [despite not being dragged into a full fledged war]. At the end of the video, while talking about the elections in the Mountain, he accuses his Maronite allies of going back to “Isolationism”, describing them as “once of bad quality, always of bad quality.” Saad Hariri is a novice, he adds. This video ends with, “as for the Shia, England is holding dialogue with Hezbollah, [United States of] America is opening up to Iran…

I think sectarianism, feudalism, sheepism, isolationism and all their isms cousins should be eradicated before rabies spread out of control in this Lebanon.

Update: excerpts of Jumblat’s clarification :

“The video was part of a long discussion which talked about the isolationist trend in the country,” Jumblat said about a mobile phone video in which the Druze leader criticized Maronites and some March 14 leaders.

“I wish that (Maronite) Patriarch (Nasrallah) Sfeir and all Maronites would take the bad and insulting word I used – and which was taken out of context from a long discussion about isolation – as a mere description of the situation that caused isolationism” in Lebanese sects,

“I was expressing (my point of view on) choosing candidates particularly by the March 14 alliance. The latest victim was Nassib Lahoud who decided to withdraw his candidacy. This attitude doesn’t only exist among March 14 but also rests with the other party.”



  1. Steph · · Reply

    Whatever Joumblatt says, I don’t believe him. He changes his mind every 5 minutes when he gets advantage of it. He’s a great politician though, great charisma. We could listen to him for hours. But I personnaly don’t buy anything he says.


  2. Moussa Bashir · · Reply

    Hi Steph,
    He’s justifying his new position to his followers, especially those who blame him for calling off the fight on May 7. These declarations were in closed council. They should have remained private but New TV aired them. I just heard that New TV apologized for exposing the video.

    By the way, are you Steph88 on ilovelebanon.com?

  3. Steph · · Reply

    True that’s me 🙂 Are you a member on ILL?

  4. Moussa Bashir · · Reply

    not a member, not yet at least 🙂 but i read some of your input, now i’ll read more 🙂

  5. I feel like all those videos of Jumblat being leaked are not a coincidence at all.. it’s just a publicity stunt..

  6. Steph · · Reply

    Thank you Moussa 🙂 Nice meeting you. Do you have other blogs?

  7. Saab, Mazen · · Reply

    Hi Mr.Bashir
    I wanted to post this video on my blog but then I thought it’s better to avoid troubles.
    He apologized lately, didn’t he?

  8. Moussa Bashir · · Reply

    hi mazen,
    Jumblat actually held a press conference in which he clarified his statements. for example he said he did not mean that maronites were of bad qualities, but that isolationism, in all sects, is bad etc. i will try to find his statement and update this post soon.

  9. ”youm lak wo youm 3alak mesh kel youm ma3ak” jumblat like this lebanese song

  10. New Evidence: Samir Geagea Killed Bashir Gemayel.from 1982 Article on Times magazine:… the new government was preoccupied with its investigation of the murder of Bashir Gemayel, who was killed in an explosion scarcely a week before he would have become Lebanon's new President. TIME has learned that the Phalange has arrested 800 of its own members in connection with the assassination. Wanted specifically for interrogation was Samir Geagea, a Phalangist who had been at odds with the Gemayels ever since Bashir defeated him for leadership of the Phalange militia in 1976.Sourcehttp://www.time.com/time/printout/0,8816,925773,00.html

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