UrShalim by Any Name is Always Quds Al Aqdaas – قدس الاقداس

Contrary to the Arrogant Zionist claim that the Apartheid State of “Israel” invented the name “UrShalim”, the fact is that this name is so ancient, it even predates Judaism. And it certainly is many thousand years older than any Racist Zionist. (You go do your research.)

Zionists have Orwellianly tarnished everything they have ever touched or pronounced. After forcefully and illegally occupying a Land that is not theirs and after massacring its people (Palestinians) and after lying and creating chaos and pain where ever they set foot, they created a naming committee that was given the task of erasing the names of thousands of Arab places, including those of hills, valleys and springs, and creating Hebrew names in their place.
Ben Gurion, told the committee: “We are obliged to remove the Arabic names for reasons of state.”
This was and still is the reason for every atrocity that the Zionist commit.

Today, the Zionist Occupiers are at it again. Promoting a new phase of their plot. Attempting to erase an entire people with their history and culture. An ethnic cleansing based on a sick “justification” of “Israel” being the state of a pure race/religion: “the Jewish State”. Hence this new inhumane and illegal act of “Judaifying Jerusalem, Judaifying Al Quds or Judaifying UrShalim”.

UrShalim is NOT and will NEVER BE the Capital City of the Apartheid State of “Israel”.
UrShalim is the symbol of resistance to all forms of oppression, aggression, injustice, bigotry, racism and all forms of hatred propagated by the “Zionists”.

UrShalim will always be Al Quds / The Holy.

And Until justice prevails for those whom UrShalim stands for, until justice for the dispossessed Palestinians is materialized, peace will be but a juvenile day dream for the delusional.



  1. Your neighbor Israel · · Reply

    You think I forgot just because you erased it?Think again, abed. Think long and hard.ضربني وبكى سبقني واشتكى

  2. Interesting post, I think the name Urshalem/OorShalem might have its historical roots as been founded by the Sumerian of ancient times as a far outpost colony. That would make it a very old settlement, pre-dating the Caananite/Cannan, filistine/phonecian, or the Hittian time.

    Ur/oor/ooru/urim is definitely village/town or a large settlement.

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