“Kteer mdaprass,” (I’m very depressed)

Lebanon ranks as one of the most highly depressed nations in the world, with 6.6% of the Lebanese population suffering from some form of depression, according to recent statistics produced by a Harvard Medical School and World Health Organization (WHO) joint study. The study lists Lebanon next to the other most dejected nations of the world, including the US (9.6%) at the top, Ukraine (9.1%), France (8.5%) and the Netherlands (6.9%).

“Kteer mdaprass,” (I’m very depressed): “mdaprass,” a Lebanese-Arabic adaptation of the English word “depressed,” was coined by Lebanese youth and is widely used in colloquial speech, understood as a casual expression of a state of utter frustration and dejection.”

For more on this issue go to NowLebanon…



  1. Mdaprass???
    I thought it was mdabrass!

  2. Moussa Bashir · · Reply

    heheheee TEE, this comment is a sure cure for any form of debrassyoun 🙂

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