Court sentences Lebanese woman for beating Filipino helper

Al-Akhbar reported that a Lebanese court sentenced a Lebanese women to jail and to pay a fine for beating her home helper. The abused Filipino, Johalin Malibago, was not present in the court when the sentence was pronounced. “Ethiopian Suicides” blog translated the article from which following is quoted:

On 9 December 2009, a criminal court judge (single judge) in Batroun sentenced a Lebanese woman who beat the Filipino maid who was working at her home to 15 days of prison, to a fine of fifty thousand Lebanese Pounds, and to payment to Jonalin Malibago, the Pilipino maid, of ten million and eight hundred Lebanese Pounds in compensation.

Al-Akhbar newspaper declared it “victory of the judiciary” and hailed it as an important step on the road to fighting racist behavior of some Lebanese. What gave the sentencing importance is the presence of the victim in her home country, the Philippine. The judge refused the request of the Lebanese woman to bring the victim in front of the court.

The rest of the article …


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