Gaza – Palestine: montaging the genocide

“Montage documenting the genocide commited by Isreal in “Operation Cast Lead”.”



  1. It makes me so sick … it makes my stomach turn around – how in the WORLD is it possible this happened in the 21st century – and the rest of the world, the so-called LEADERS – remained silent?? If THESE are not war-crimes, I honestly don't know WHAT are …I salute the former Israeli air-force captain and the British parliament member – the have the courage to call a spade a spade!!I posted the video on my blog … I hope you don't mind! Of course I gave you credit …:-)

  2. worriedlebanese · · Reply

    Why call it genocide. It was a brutal war and there were massacres envolved. These accusations are both easy to defend, while the use of the word genocide will embark you in sterile debates in which the actual actions of the IDF would be completely lost.

  3. Moussa Bashir · · Reply

    WL: although there is some form of ethnic cleansing involved in the atrocities carried out by the IDF and this has been vocalized at more than one occasion, i will go along with your comment as i see the rationale behind it 🙂

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