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Stop Killing Children

The Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel launched a billboard campaign calling on the public to take action against the US military aid supplied to Israel.Visit Advertisements

Lebanese Campaign for the Boycott of Zionism

Statement of Academics in Lebanon In this latest onslaught against Palestinians, Israel has attacked a university, the Ministry of Education, schools across the Gaza Strip, and several UNRWA schools. Such attacks against learning centers are not unique for Israel. Most particularly since 1975, Israel has infringed upon the right of education for Palestinians by closing […]

Raging against Israel’s Apartheid

Israeli Apartheid Week 2009: a week dedicated to raise awareness to the Israel’s Apartheid practices against Palestinians.Weeks and weeks of never ending rage is needed to bring the world out of its slumber and into recognizing the atrocities committed by zionists in occupied Palestine.

Mothers across the world for Gaza

Dear Friends, On Sunday, February 8, 2009 mothers in at least THIRTEEN cities around the world will be gathering with their children, families and friends in solidarity with the Palestinian people, offering their support and condolences to the mothers and families in Gaza. Marking the 40th day anniversary of the death of the first child […]

Gaza – Black Ribbon

By Za3tar via Haitham: Put this on your social networking profile page (e.g. Facebook and MySpace) to help raise awareness of the massacre in Gaza and notify those who might not have seen/heard of this yet (specially in the West).

Gaza Calling

This video was created by Haitham Sabbah. It is intended to raise awareness of the catastrophic conditions that the Palestinians in Gaza are enduring, and to subsequently help end its siege by Israel. Haitham is calling on all to copy the video’s code and help spread the word. Music track by: Checkpoint 303

gimme hope johanna

Gimme Hope Johanna – Eddy Grant