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Read this: A Hezbollah Upon All of Thee! This article contains “very powerful stuff”.Thanks Doc. Advertisements

"What is Hizbullah?"

Following are excerpts from a very interesting post by Juan Cole titled “What is Hizbullah?”. The complete article can be found here. “Western and Israeli pundits keep comparing Hizbullah to al-Qaeda. It is a huge conceptual error. There is a crucial difference between an international terrorist network like al-Qaeda, which can be disrupted by good […]

Symbiosis: Cedar Revolution & Hezbollah

The leaders of the Cedar Revolution, blessed and pressed by the American ambassador, forged a coalition with Hezbollah during the parliamentarian elections last year. Leaders of the “enlightened and democratic” March 14 Movement won because the support of Hezbollah. Members of Hezbollah who ran, democratically, for seats in the parliament were elected and won by […]

“Labor Pains”: Lebanon’s Doom?

France, Australia, the US and other countries are evacuating their citizens from Lebanon. This is very troubling.A good percentage (don’t know how much exactly) of Lebanese – including plenty of those who fueled the Cedar Revolution – have two nationalities.I am one of those others who have only one nationality.Yes I am a Lebanese only […]

Khiam Prison Shelled: Israel "Erases" its Dark Past

Today it was reported that Israel shelled and demolished the Khiam Prison.Khiam Prison is (was) the Lebanese Auschwitz.In this prison Israeli and its pawns kept, tortured, and killed Lebanese during its occupation of Lebanon between 1982 and 2000. That is until the National Resistance (of which Hizbollah became a phase) kicked the Israeli out of […]

Israel Lies & Kills

All those who believe the Israeli line that “Hizbollah started this war” and that “we [Israel] are targeting only Hizbollah” should review the events of the past few months at least so as not to say the last few years.Just recently, before all this happened, Israel carried out a series of assassination, car explosions and […]

Far Beyond Collective Punishment. Lebanon: Collective Death & Lies

Copy-paste from Jamal’s blog: Angry Olmert Day 5 The Israeli propaganda machine is trying to paint this war as an Islamists war on Jews. Playing the anti-semitism card is always the way out for Israel when they have nothing else to legitimize their killing machine. Especially after their terrorism card stopped being effective considering the […]