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Live from Gaza

Blogging Live From Gaza Moments of Gaza: Uncovering the untold – From Gaza to the world Gaza Strip, the Untold Story: by Sameh A. Habeeb Also go to: Gaza Siege: for news, events, resources and more on the atrocities committed against Gaza Angry Arab News Service

Israel blogging its "precision airstrikes"

“Days after sending aircraft to strike Hamas militants in Gaza, the Israeli government is launching a campaign to dominate the blogosphere.Among other things, the Israeli military has started its own YouTube channel to distribute footage of precision airstrikes.” “Precision airstrikes”?! Of course! And here are images of what those genocidal “precision airstrikes” did: BubbleShare: Share […]

Sameh Habeeb blogging from Gaza

“A family of 9 members, 15 young children, and some women were killed but not recognized. The Ministry of Health is not able to recognize the ID’s of casualties…Gaza hospitals announced inability of receiving the wounded due to lack of medical equipment and tools. Corpses of Palestinians were thrown on the corridors, rooms and units […]

Maha Taki’s Blogging Questionnaire

The following message is from Ms Maha Taki. Kindly read and fill the questionnaire, if you are a blogger, to help with Maha’s research on blogging in Lebanon and Syria. Thank you for your time. Hello bloggers I’m currently doing exploratory research on blogging for my PhD degree at the University of Westminster, UK. I […]

dust in the wind

strange!.. feels like this blog has accumulated some dust… i can almost smell it… dammit! is that a spider web i see in that corner?!..

here goes nothing