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Never Again / Over Again

Gaza Siege Cracked [Cartoon]

Image credit where credit and gratitude are due and they are due to Latuff.

Once Upon a Time in Rafah

– Latuff

Lebanese dialogue made simple

The sequence of events in the cartoon are from right to left.The Arabic script: “lebanese politics (explained for kids)”by: Mazen KerbajHT: friday-lunch-club

Inconvenient truth

“That one says it almost all, and not just about global warming. It’s the epitaph to the Age of Bush.” >>> Pierre

Mazen remembers 9/11

Top, right to left: “11 september” – “11 september 2001” – “11 september 2007“ Bottom, Arabic: “today i am celebrating 6 years of friendship with the customs of the civilised world airports“ The rest, English: you can figure them out by yourself (click on the image to enlarge)The artwork: by Mazen Kerbaj (also published today […]

Moment of Meditation