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Terrorism does not discriminate

Ayn el Hayat (meaning spring of life) was born 27 years ago in Germany where she spent most of her life with her Lebanese father and German mother. Ayn el Hayat returned to Lebanon about two years ago after finishing her university studies. She was four month pregnant and returning from work when the car […]

Pierre Gemayel

Tomorrow, 22 Nov, Lebanon should have celebrated Independence Day.This will not happen.Lebanon is not independent.All three branches of the government are rusty and screwed up. Today Minister Pierre Gemayel has been assassinated. 31 years ago, an attempted assassination on Pierre Gemayel, the grand father, sparked a civil war that lasted 15 years.The fallout of that […]

Book of Genesis. "Brand New Middle East"

And God created G W Bush.And God saw that he was good. And God said to G W Bush.“Go to the chosen land and bring the folks back to me.” And G W Bush came to land of Iraq.And worked and preached and prayed and fasted for three years. And G W Bush sent 655 […]

Ghaziyeh… So Who’s the Terrorist?

Yesterday the people of Ghaziyeh, a village close to Sidon, went out to bury 14 of their family members who were killed the day before.Israel then bombed near (500 meters) the funeral procession.13 new Lebanese civilians were killed in Ghaziyeh.The people of Ghaziyeh picked up the coffins and continued the procession while others went to […]

Chiah… Who is the Terrorist?

The political views of the people of Chiah up till the night before last was either a don’t care attitude (as long as they can buy their beer and arak from their Christian neighbours in Ain Al Roummani) or they support Amal movement of Berri.The night before the last, IDF/IOF/IF bombed a “terrorist” target in […]

Can’t Think of a Title

Yesterday:60 dead200 injured (injured meaning really cut, real loss of body parts)The number of the dead in the Chiah massacre is 15 so far. The search for survivors continues. Yesterday:PM Sanyoura wept while Arab foreign ministers watched. Foreign ministers were sent to Beirut immediately after the Arab leaders, who are furious because the bridge of […]

Chiah Shelled for the First Time

A residential building in Chiah (Shiah) was bombed earlier this evening. It collapsed totally. There were civilians staying there. This is the first time that Chiah was bombed during this war. Most of the residents of Chiah did not evacuate. In fact displaced civilians from other areas are accommodated in Chiah. Chiah is the first […]