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Beyond Brainwash

“The Lebanese forces burned my handicapped father, but it’s Hasan Nasrallah who threatens me” Advertisements

"Geagea wanted us to fight the Shia" says Jumblat in this Video [updated]

Despite the poor quality of this video (taken by cell phone), Walid Jumblat can be heard accusing the Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and “some of the Sunnis” of wishing for a Druze-Shia conflict. He can also be heard saying “we saw the Sunni in Beirut, they brought 1000 fighters from Akkar and did not […]

our war: the lighter side

Let me break the piercing silence here with a couple of jokes circulating around. Making up jokes in the face of adversity is a phenomenon for social scientists to analyze. I will not even venture there. Some of the humor is lost to the translation so I will try to translate those that are least […]

Analysts: Bombardment may spark Palestinian uprising all around Lebanon

Some of us are afraid that this may (will) happen. Lebanon’s government is framing its fight against Islamist extremists based in a Palestinian refugee camp in north Lebanon as an existential fight between freedom and terrorism. Economy Minister Sami Haddad told CNN on Monday night his army was battling “international terrorists” from the Sunni militant […]

Nahr el Bared Relief Campaign

Members of the Nahr el Bared Relief Campaign describe their efforts as spontaneously formed following the tragic events in Nahr el Bared Camp. They are a grouping of unaffiliated individuals working on relief and civil action to end the violence and offer aid to those injured and displaced due to the Nahr el Bared conflict. […]

Bush administration arranged support for militants attacking Lebanon

Says Hersh again in his interview with the CNN. Hersh’s first article, “the Redirection” (March) was given much attention and quoted, critiqued and/or criticised for accusing the current Lebanese government of allowing members of Fatah al Islam to enter the country and providing them with weapons and money. These are the same militants fighting the […]

Lebanon could well become Chirac’s Iraq

French President Jacques Chirac is set on starting a new bout of civil fighting in Lebanon. For months, his ambassador to Lebanon, Bernard Emié has been pumping steroids into the muscles of the US supported Lebanese Government. The French are conniving with the US administration to block all possible avenues for compromise between the Lebanese […]