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Lebanon: Poverty and "Faith of our Fathers"

“Chicken a la Carte” a short film by Ferdinand Dimadura (2005).Showing a portion of society actually living on the refuse of others to survive. Simple yet moving. On the other hand, (the right one), in this our Lebanon, 28.5 per cent of the population are below the upper poverty line (US$4 per capita per day).That’s […]

Lebanon is Mouseland

Just watch the clip. Funny but true about us and our elections, sooo true it’s pathetic. It fits us like it was tailor-made for the Lebanese.

"Israel’s" crimes against Lebanon continues

Israel deliberately flooded Lebanese farmlands with excess rainwater from an Israeli orchard, located off the southern town of Mais al-Jabal [South Lebanon] early Tuesday ruining crops and properties.Tuesday’s flooding is part of a systematic practice by the Israeli authorities to turn the highly-fertile land into swamps by channeling rainwater into the fields via trenches, which […]

Fourteener IQ Test

Mark with an arrow the: 1-wimps 2-liars 3-warmongers 4-corruption perpetrators 5-war criminals 6-war criminal cook 7-chameleons (oops, this is for another test) … photo credit: 14 March Conference at Biel 2009

Lebanon: the stench of decay

Okay, since we are now in agreement that Lebanon is blessed with great attributes and glorious aspects, let’s put that aside and take a closer look at what is rotting. Let us fast forward past our clearly diagnosed diseases such as racism, discrimination against foreign workers and abuse against women. Let’s look past the mass […]

"two thirds of the ministers are thieves and donkeys"

“One third of the ministers are thieves, another third are donkeys …”said the late prime minister Rafic Hariri about his cabinet. This was disclosed by Rafik Khoury, editor in chief of Al Anwar, in an interview with Warde on VDL this morning.

Funny and Pathetic

“Sweetie” and “Prince of Joy” (aliases in an online chat room) spent hours telling each other about their marriage troubles, only to discover that they were wife and husband (Sana and Adnan), when they both turned up for a date. Now they want to divorce because they were cheating on each other with each other. […]