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Lebanon is Mouseland

Just watch the clip. Funny but true about us and our elections, sooo true it’s pathetic. It fits us like it was tailor-made for the Lebanese. Advertisements

honorable white minister enchanted by our women

charming honorable white minister is pleased with our women?! joyful honorable minister does us the honor of flirting with our women?!… be happy honorable white man …we know that every time one of you honorable white men is unhappy, many of us suffer the consequences …

To hell with protocols!

Many sleepless hours I suffered, wondering about the presence of elegant Ms Sisson at this graduation ceremony. But fortunately, Abu Stef comes to the rescue and clears my clouded mind. Ms Sisson was there because her government funded the ten-week-state-of-the-art-program-module to train 166 ISF members on sophisticated stuff like: modern police practices, administration, democratic policing, […]

Democratic power of a kiss

Rice has been quoted as saying: “What’s wrong with keeping the situation in Lebanon as it is? Our priority is to keep Fouad Siniora as head of the democratically elected government…and that he acts according to the powers granted to him and the president Even the issue of the next parliamentary elections (2009) is not […]

who said cluster bombs are bad

Cluster bombs do not kill.Cluster bombs do not maim.All 100 countries seeking its ban are naively mistaken.In fact cluster bombs are not bad.You just have to know how to use them appropriately.You have to use them right.Follow the user’s manual, now available courtesy of U.S. of Bush and cluster bombs will spread rainbow monkeys with […]

Leila angrily battles injustice and cancer

It’s time for me to be honest and quit keeping silent in the face of the world’s miseries. I am very angry. I am angry at what my government has done in my name; I am angry at the State of Israel; I am angry at right-wing Lebanese who call themselves Christians and yet flout […]

To Save the Falcons

In testimony before the Sept. 11 Commission, the former White House counterterrorism analyst, Richard Clarke, said that in the 1990s the United States had planned to bomb a falconry camp in Pakistan when Osama bin Laden was present. The raid, Clarke said, was scrubbed because a minister from the United Arab Emirates was a member […]