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Baabda Forest – Lebanon

There is a green area in Baabda which is open to the public, unlike the Horsh of Beirut (the national urban park in Beirut). Although there is no fixed entrance fee, yet you’re expected to donate, any amount, to help maintain the area. I visited Baabda Forest today. It is a beautiful green space and conveniently in the neighborhood […]

on why lebanon is the true host of the world cup

In early April, silly flags were already flapping all around Beirut. A non-resident would think that dignitaries from the entire United Nations were about to make an appearance, adding a touch of color to our city. According to numerous sources, the flags had sprouted much earlier. As early as January, my sister made sure to […]

تجربة نساء لبنانيات حملن السلاح

تحت المجهر – السلاح في ايد ناعمة فيلم وثائقي يحكي تجربة نساء لبنانيات حملن السلاح في الحرب الأهلية وضد إسرائيل يحكين بعضا من تجاربهن وكم أثر السلاح على أنوثتهن السلاح في أيد ناعمة من إنتاج قناة الجزيرة بحث وتحقيق : رياض قبيسي وجوزفين ديب إعداد وإخراج : بلال خريس نور زعزع بدور الشهيدة سناء محيدلي […]

Age of Similitude

This is the age of Similitude conquering all.هيدا وقت الشبه محتل الكلّWritten, composed and directed by Nadim Mohsen.Enjoy.

Court sentences Lebanese woman for beating Filipino helper

Al-Akhbar reported that a Lebanese court sentenced a Lebanese women to jail and to pay a fine for beating her home helper. The abused Filipino, Johalin Malibago, was not present in the court when the sentence was pronounced. “Ethiopian Suicides” blog translated the article from which following is quoted: On 9 December 2009, a criminal […]

Hidden Shame of Lebanese Domestic Violence

… he would first attack the children -he would tie up and beat their son and daughter.If she tried to stop him, he would put a knife to their throats and threaten to kill them.On other days he would ask her and the children to chose their own instrument of torture – a thick electric […]

In and Out of Proportion

Hilariously ugly is when the pedestal is too large for the monument.The harder they fall is when the monument is too large for the pedestal.