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Lebanon: Poverty and "Faith of our Fathers"

“Chicken a la Carte” a short film by Ferdinand Dimadura (2005).Showing a portion of society actually living on the refuse of others to survive. Simple yet moving. On the other hand, (the right one), in this our Lebanon, 28.5 per cent of the population are below the upper poverty line (US$4 per capita per day).That’s […]

Rules for political correctness and democracy in the Middle East

Rule #1: In the Middle East, it is always the Palestinians that attack first, and it’s always Israel who defends itself. The name of this is “retaliation”. Rule #2: The Palestinians are not allowed to kill Israelis. The name of this is “terrorism”. Rule #3: Israel has the right to kill Palestinian civilians; the name […]

Nassrallah is a Lebanese citizen

Naharnet is also a Lebanese internet news outlet. But Naharnet describes Nassrallah as a very dangerous Israeli fugitive. Naharnet does not want Nassrallah to be associated with Lebanon. Naharnet adopts the language and mood of the wild wild west (praise be to Bush): Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, one of Israel’s most wanted men… […]

Al Mustaqbal

Finally I submitted to Sana’s incessant demand to buy Al-Mustaqbal newspaper and read Fares Khashan.Sana is a communist and an atheist who loves Nassrallah.Khashan is a self–proclaimed authority on the matters of the Truth.I followed him last year during his radio broadcast until he started repeating himself and I started getting queasy.Back to Al-Mustaqbal (The […]

There is hope

Who said the Americans are politically naive and are easily swayed by the media? The results of the American midterm elections are simply good news. Check Pierre’s updates of these elections as they go. photo: cover of mad magazine number 471

Julia Boutros Sings Nassrallah’s Words

The theme of Julia’s new video clip is Nassrallah’s reply to a letter sent by the fighters resisting the Israeli invasion last July.The reply was transformed into lyrics by Ghassan Mattar.Mattar, the composer (her brother), the director (a Boutros too) all belong to the secular trends in the Lebanese spectrum (sectrum) of “colors”.They do not […]

Haifa – Nassrallah – Twist

Lebanon is a twisted country. Not lemon twist. DNA chain twist. A twist within a twist within a twist.I did not see Haifa Wehbe’s interview on New TV, but Prof As’ad reports that she said her heart beats for Hassan Nasrallah when she sees him. I don’t believe it is only a sectarian thing (she […]